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We'll have a barista, yeah, you know, just things to make them feel comfortable, make them feel at home, and let them enjoy it. You know, this is a World Cup. You want to go enjoy it. You want to put in a lot of hard work, but you want to enjoy what you're doing because this is an event that only comes around every four years. The players read media, you walking around the hotel and you see you guys scroll on Twitter or reading something, do you read anything in between games? No. For sure not, never. Well, not never. I wouldn't say never. Early on when my job for sure did. And now it's more about, to me, it's just more about how do you stay in the present. And that's the way I do it is just trying to be present to people, trying to be there. And I think when I think that can sidetrack you, that can help that could lead to a loss of focus. I want to stay in the here in the now. And I sort of breezed past this. We talked about leads and aaronson and Adams. But there are sides of the pool right now that aren't as positive. And I think about sergino dest at Barcelona and what that situation is with shavi and he would be a guy that you would, you know, if I'm looking at a U.S. 11 right now in the World Cup, I would say, so genio dust is in that 11. Christian pool stick has gone through a lot at Chelsea and it seems to be in a weird moment. Was he going to stay? Was he going to go? Rumors surrounding him. I start with desks. Do you have any concern about the situation that sergino is in at Barcelona? And we know playing time being fit being informed. No, absolutely. And I've talked to and one thing I'd say about him is he's got a great mentality.

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