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Three two games. You're interested in this weekend aside from the Cowboys game. Well aside from the Cowboys game. There's one NFL game that really has my attention and your the Houston Texans versus the Washington Redskins and win or lose. What the Dallas Cowboys game that game still means a whole hell of a lot. So you need to be rooting for a Houston team more than I've ever been rooting for a Houston team. All right. Here's the good news for their Colby. You only have to route until the first score of the game right games over. So the Texans are three point favorites. Even though they're on the road. We told you. This fact, I think last week. The Redskins have not had a single lead change in a game all season long. Do you want to take it to the next level of crazy town? Sure. Nine straight games to start the season without a lead change the last team to do that the nineteen fifty four Washington Redskins. And if you wanna make it even weirder that team went three and nine their biggest win thirty seven to twenty over the Chicago cardinals their biggest loss sixty two to three to the Cleveland Browns. The Chicago cardinals. Right. That was a team. That's right. Win the one thousand nine hundred fifty four least. But think about that think about that their biggest win and their biggest loss that year are against teams that no longer exists under that formation like there's no Chicago cardinals. And the Cleveland Browns are now the Baltimore Ravens and the last team to go this long without a lead. Change was also the Redskins, but it was sixty four years ago. That's insane is crazy from the nine zero three better versus joke. Fennell only football. Okay. Make sure guys the game. I can't wait for is Packers. This is at Seattle. I believe. Aaron Rodgers as poise. What.

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