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Each show covers a bunch of segments. you get news and announcements a focused topic of the week guest perspectives. Faq's of the week at upcoming events and the topics show are really interesting Some of the episodes have been migration to the cloud. Ai and machine learning office three sixty five one. Dr teams and microsoft stream It is even if even if microsoft share point itself is not something that you feel. You need to check out actually checking out. Some of the episodes can kind of inspire you to to try new stuff that microsoft has come out with including power platform. Which is this way to. Kind of co. It's low to no code where you can create apps and different Setups for your your business or You know your daily workflow very easily and so listening to episodes of power platform. It's kind of like. Oh there's an idea. There's something i hadn't considered doing. You can go and listen now. You just search for the zone wherever you get your podcasts. That's i n. t. r. a. z. O. n. e. or just click the link in the show notes to check it out. Thanks so much to the intra zone. Microsoft share point for. Its its support of this show and all of relay f am all right. Here is my bonus question for you. You're giving a bunch of money and told that you must use it to open a bakery. What's the signature treat you serve at your bakery caroliina while you asking indeed talion so I think i will have as savory it would be my olive for catcher and as wheat is probably going to be single portion tyranny. Su i'm going with one of my favorite baked goods of all time. Hala which is great for savory works suite makes the best french toast plus cheated anytime with butter And makes good roles two sandwiches everything. You can do everything. Because i'm going to go with something. A little less adaptable. And that is. The penalty does dagomba The guava cheese pastries that are very popular in miami and florida. But you don't find them everywhere so i think there's a market interesting For me it's going to be a gluten free chicken pot pie For savory and macaroni for sure for for the sweet I don't even like. It could be any flavor. I that's so much fun. Macaroni or so much fun. Elderberry and mentor. Thank you all for making me hungry. I do appreciate it. Thank you all for joining us. This episode of clockwise. All that's left is to say goodbye to our guest caroliina milanesi. Thank you so much for being here today. Thank you for having the great fun. I enjoy roses deal. Thank you so much for being here. Thank you and mike. We'll be back next week with more savory and sweet treats of course but until then we remind everybody listening out there. Watch what you say and keep watching the clock i everybody..

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