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Be one click away from a great Orlando escape or the president's lawyer says he wants the public to hear more of Michael Coen's recording saying they vindicate his client current Trump lawyer route Rudy Giuliani on x. Trump attorney Michael Cohen one hundred eighty three unique conversations on tape One of. Those the, president is states Giuliani on CBS face the nation. ABC news chief. Legal analyst Dan Abrahams e potentially has information to provide, to Robert Muller let's be clear he's being. Investigated by the southern district of New York which is a, separate entity, investigating, Michael Cohen. Abrahams on. ABC's this week that is Chuck Sivertsen reporting wins news time twelve thirty five there's, word the CBS, board of directors is going to be. Discussing the allegations. Of sexual harassment leveled against CEO less moon Vesa meeting set for today. In a statement Friday said it would take appropriate action at, the end, of the investigation and one of the six women. Accusing him of harassment writer, TV producer Dino cargo tells NPR this was not a move she says to destroy him but more about changing the culture that allows that type of misconduct Ronan Farrow contributing reporter who wrote the article in the New Yorker spoke with CNN's Brian Stelter have, to say. That in all of our interactions with CBS With Moonves which were extensive we give them a very broad window of comment on this and worked very closely with them Mr. Munoz personally to me was very very gracious and seem to take the claims very seriously In a statement he said in part I always understood and respected abided by the principle that, no means no. Have never misused my position to harm, or hinder, anyone's career wins. News time twelve, thirty six, another legal entanglement for former Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein overgrowing, legal bills this time insurance giant chub and other carriers that wrote liability policies for Harvey. Weinstein and his film company are arguing in court that they don't cover, allegations of sexual misconduct Weinstein's attorney say the insurance are supposed to pay for his, legal defense but. Have unfairly sided with the women who have filed a slew of. Sex harassment lawsuits against him they want the civil litigation halted until his criminal case is resolved the judge has not made a final ruling Weinstein pleaded not, guilty to attacking three women and denies any allegations of. Nonconsensual sex, that is, Julie, Walker reporting. Not known how much all the legal, proceedings are costing Weinstein wins news time twelve thirty seven We.

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