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Jonas knocks brady quinn out you had something and you actually gave credit to a team that hasn't gotten a whole lot of credit for much is the way that they handle things and that's the buffalo bills for their gm higher in brandon bean explain why you like the move and how the bills got this thing right cemetery you have to people who like each other who want to work together in the same building what a concept right yet a billion dollar franchise like the buffalo bills had to people in rex ryan and doug wailing who couldn't work things out his isn't it amazing i metro can want to say a billion dollar franchise or maybe more yet they have people whose personal issues prevent the tea from having success you know the sabotage of rex ryan as the season went on last year i mean that was despicable by people on that front office overlooking information that sabotage the team as they were trying to make the playoffs because they didn't want rex reina come back well in some ways you know you cut off your nose to spite your face right because all those scouts got fired and also doug whaler got fired so now you're looking at at a new regime coming in you know a jeff shane got hired earlier today or i wanna pas of the neighbors shane last name for the miami dolphins use system general manager he's there now you know and the building continuity that's the thing guys who wanna work together and also who come from a common ground you know shames background carolina panthers brain of beans background carolina panthers sean background carolina panthers so there's a way that they understand how they want to evaluate play evaluate players make this team better eat look the team doesn't have a lot of depth and that to me something i always look out when it comes to the playoff picture because health play such a vital role in whether team is able to make some noise in the postseason.

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