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That was the last one God coming. Carrabba's Pearl Harbor days Momday. Not only Pearl Harbor day. But it is also what are we going into nights six I believe of Hannukah, and it was a big celebration at the White House last night this year, we like the Monaro. We reflect upon the extraordinary resilience of the Jewish people in the face of centuries of oppression spray, the pretty beautiful event at the White House last night. Yeah. And lo and behold friend of the show, he's got a golden ticket to be our guest at any point in time. Andy Pollock from parkland, Florida next to the president. I was like, wow. I didn't know he was gone. He didn't tell us. But I saw in tweet this morning is a picture of him next to Milania and the president Andy's significant other any got to speak since I lost my daughter from the shooting at stolman Douglas high school in parkland, Florida, I've been fighting for my daughter in foreign students, and I won't stop good for him. Good for you. Andy. I would really love to hear from some of the students parkland as to what things have changed. If anything has changed other than their backpacks. What we're hearing is nothing. That's sad. Almost a year. It's it's I I can't even talk about park where I can't have done emotionally spent. It's so frustrating everywhere, you turn it just is. Well, the breaking news right now is they say John Kelly is going to be resigning soon. So sources from CNN from CNN next the the. The president was on Twitter. Tweet world is mourning attacking Muller in this report and everybody else that and he wants to know how come the crooked. The Clinton foundation isn't gonna is it gonna be mentioned in the report. So he's he's he's pushing it let's see what happens are you going to get this report, and how much of it really becomes public because they say they're supposed to make the whole thing public. I think it's going to be redacted like that testimony. We saw the other day from I can't think of what his made is. But it was all redacted out and thinking, okay, that's great. The general Kelly deal ahead. His name. Page of blackout lines. Like, okay. So we're going to be able to see exactly what's going on say Vivian from hat. Don't do us any favours. Yeah jokes. No kidding. But it is a it is a Muller deadline deal in the swamp. It's supposed to be the day that the special counsel. The office is supposed to reveal some information on why the accused Paul Manafort of lying. So in other words, this is supposed to be the data supposed to explain their explanation. Okay. Can you follow all of that? I know this has been going on for how long two years. Yeah. At least forty million dollars and forty million dollars later to find out what nothing just to move on people it. He knows as Seuss's red Rigas just out of curiosity. Okay. Well, he was hired by a beer company in California. He was supposed to drive from northern California gets and then tonight's he delivered picked up the beer cakes like fifty of them. And then they never saw again. V kegs disappeared. When the hell of a party with fifty gigs. They found the truck and they never found out. It's the new smokey and the bandit that he stole. All I thought I thought he's going to be a friend of bill's smoking in El Bandido, stole fifty gigs. Howdy. I'd fifty kegs of beer, you can't someone's going to hear about your party, reselling them. But but he's gonna put them somewhere. Like in a in a storage area. They gotta stay cold. Right, right, though. I it's gonna be kinda hard not to find him funny. I just thought it was a friend of yours. No. I wish it was. Maybe it can be find him on Facebook. Jose. Maybe he's going showing up earns table and wine bar tonight. With a couple of kegs for us navy tonight is by the way, they say this is the peak tonight of the office Christmas party season. Most of them are going to happen tonight. So chances are pretty good. It's going to have to deal with one of these other secret Santa who'd you get. Secret Santa so truth, be told what people really want. We'll help you out with this little guide before you go out last-minute tonight. Number one apparently truthful, alcohol everybody. Yeah. Because most people like Booz, what do you like more than booze chocolate? Really? Yeah. Okay. What isn't let chocolate where's money money on this list kinda sorta number three? And I love the people are honest about this. Now, I want a gift card. Oh, yeah. Because and you know, what's even better like the visa or the American Express kind because you can use them anywhere in her great. I lay father hearts always gives me a gift card every year to nordstrom's, and I love nordstrom's. But you know, what dad I can't afford half the stuff endorse. Trump's one shirt with the gift card, you give me the gift card will get you in. It's like, okay. Thanks. And then it gets a little wonky number four. Book. No, one leaves a book for secret Santa. And you know, what else is tough about that? You don't know what anybody's into for reading? Right. Have kindles now or download it to their phone. And now, no one wants a book is the other one too. I don't buy candles now. No, I don't want them for a secret Santa party, really. It's like in a rocket Halloween. Oh, I see. Now. I think most women would like a candle. Let me ask you this. Because this is ours coming up next week. What exactly is a white elephant party gift a pick? Somebody's name out of a hat like, you know, Bill everybody. That's at the party who brought a gift you just bring a gift, and it could be a funny gift. It could be a real gift whatever you wanna do. That's all it is. And then you do an exchange. So you just grab it at the site as opposed to no time. That's usually how it works unless they're going to change the way it's done. I would also. I did you buy God. No. We've got a great feel good story. Coming up next after the break here, buddy. Florida firefighter gave a kidney for the holidays. These people are amazing. Save somebody's life about that. We're gonna come next keep it here. South Florida.

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