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You want the white Sox gonna be there with the road crew the wolfhounds are gonna be there there's wonderful culture on the second floor there six stages of music there's food and beverage and crafts and vendors and it is all happening at the Irish American heritage center which is at forty six twenty six north knocks Avenue in Chicago right now is at the blue line yeah the blue line or you can take the Lawrence bus she it's very it's easily accessible so you can have you know you can have a pointer to if you want to stop on the I'll go back home it's fine you will hear wonderful music including that of James Conway and the boils they will be playing on Saturday night at eight o'clock at the at Irish fest and so we'll go to James Connolly dot net to get all of James tour dates mark Peters will be there he will be singing in the library that's what we heard whispered to him with his indentured servant so mark will be seeking go upstairs check out mark had a wonderful time Irish fest July twelfth through the fourteenth at the Irish American heard it's an Irish dash American dot org for all the information Cathy o'neil always a pleasure thanks for coming back James thank you for coming JGR remark he cars it has been it has been wonderful I will see everybody there on a Saturday so get out to Irish fest all right it is time for the news is an echo T. shirt is Chicago stories told twenty four seven on seven twenty WGN Chicago smart speaker users just say play WGN radio on to an end it is six o'clock and with the news here's Roger better and right now we've got mostly clear skies seventy six at here the search for suspects in information continues and Dalton after shooting wounded three people this weekend W. chance Pam Jones has more around six thirty Saturday Dalton police responded to a call of shots fired at one hundred forty nineteen south Michigan Avenue it's unclear why someone opened fire two people are in critical condition so far no one's been arrested Pam Jones WGN news changes are pending against woman in her early twenties accused of running down and killing a fifty one year old woman on the west side and Johnson hit by a car in the sixteen hundred blocks south Homan Avenue police say the driver was speeding and hit Johnson as she crosses read the suspect ran away but was caught a few hours later as part of southern California begins to recover from last week's powerful earthquakes Los Angeles is breathing a sigh of relief only county officials held a news conference today to raise awareness about what officials there call the big one a major earthquake in or near Los Angeles that scientists say will happen some day only county supervisor Janice Hahn says the big quakes in Kern county were a wake up call for folks in LA the epicenter was well over one hundred miles away from most LA county residents but an earthquake of a similar magnitude along the San Andreas fault here in Los Angeles county would be devastating well we're getting a break from last week's he WGN.

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