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Born with birth defects, so common most importantly, birth defects are deadly the leading cause of infant mortality why not wait until the baby is born to operate there. Certain birth defects that cause progressive organ damage such that when the baby is born here too late or that are particularly devastating spina bifida that can lead to paralysis and hydrocephalus and brain damage dot also says fetal surgery is essential for identical twins who have twin twin transfusion syndrome. Twin gets too much blood and goes to the heart failure and the other twin doesn't get enough blood goes into kidney failure dodger Adzic says fetal surgery can be a lifesaver health update. Sara Lee Kessler NBC News Radio. I'm Ashley working with the FOX celebrity profile on filmmaker m night. Shyamalan who follows up his two thousand film, unbreakable and twenty seventeen split with a third part of the comic book inspired story glass. You knew this was going to be a trilogy from the start right from unbreakable. But did you have the full picture in mind back? Then roughly roughly there was nuances to the ending that you saw that I didn't know at that time, but I had questions and in my file of notes from nine hundred ninety nine had the Ray questions last even includes unseen footage from unbreakable. And we spoke about what it was like to revisit that first film in this series. I mean, so amazing to look at that footage. And I knew I had that. So I wanted to incorporate that and because it's been nineteen years to acknowledge that in. And when you're watching glass and say wanna be amazing to see a son grow out from a boy to a man Bruce Willis Samuel L Jackson and James McEvoy overturn to round out the trilogy with glass. Ashley.

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