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Calling 809 48 Mike Way do traffic and weather on the h A. W T o P. So let's go to Jack Taylor. He's busy in the W T O Be Traffic center. Well on the holiday. We've got a delay in Virginia on 66. It's headed westbound. Just trying to leave the Beltway. The accident activity after 4 95 remains along the right side of the roadway on Route seven. Eastbound sounds like a West Park. Dr. Lane's may be closed on the eastbound side. You're under direction. You may be heading through a parking lot just again. Follow police Direction. Seven eastbound. The crash had West Park drive. There'd been an earlier accident Falls Church on 29, which is Washington Street up near Hill Wood Avenue. We're quiet on 95 between Fredericksburg in the 14th Street Bridge, north and South bound without any worry be reminded the fact that obviously Marc trains are suspended on the pen, Candid and Brunswick lines resuming Thursday morning the 21st you'll find v R E not operating through Wednesday. Theories going to resume the S scheduled service plus Fredericksburg line trains 303 +07 on Thursday morning. The following stations on Metro closed because they're inside the security perimeter. Farragut, North Judiciary Square Union Station Archives, Arlington Cemetery, Farragut, West McPherson Square, Federal Center, Southwest Capital, South Smithsonian, Federal Triangle Metro Center and Gallery Place. Trains will not stop. At these stations until Friday morning. Now you will find we've got our issues downtown. There's a crash Third Street Tunnel south after New York Avenue, taking away the right lane, Connecticut Avenue at you mistreat your limited lanes there follow police direction in Northwest and again the multitude of closures downtown. Just be aware there is a full list on w t o p dot com. The numbered streets across the National Mall close to Inauguration day. It's pretty much from the lips to the capital multitude of closures throughout downtown. You're getting used to him, but some will change and expand the closer we get to inauguration itself. Stay with w. T. O p all week for inauguration coverage presented by Penn Fed Credit Union. Whether you're in uniform or not, you can apply today at Penn Fed dot or g'kar. Jack Taylor. Deputy T o p. Traffic. We've got Lauren Ricky. It's taking a look at the forecast. Pretty quiet Work Week ahead temperatures today you're gonna rise into the low to mid forties. That's about seasonable For this time of year. It's gonna feel.

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