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Active is so we want to be specific about what we're trying to achieve. Virginia Governor Ralph Northam says It was time to take down the statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee in Richmond. Why the Civil War was filed and Wide individuals like Robert E. Lee chose to to traders to the United States, the Lee statue became a target of protesters who wanted to abolish symbols of racial injustice. This is a P news. The center of Tropical Storm Mindy has made landfall at ST Vincent Island, Florida, just southwest of Appalachia, Cola on the Panhandle. The National Hurricane Center says Mindy could produce a half foot of rain as it races across North Florida, Southern Georgia and South Carolina. By tomorrow morning, the push is on for solar power. The Energy Department says the U. S installed a record 15 gigawatts of solar generating capacity last year. It's a shifts toward a renewable dominant power grid to address the threat of Climate change. Solar now represents just over 3% of the electrical supply. But Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm says solar could produce enough to power all homes in the U. S. By 2035 to do that, however, the department's Renewable Energy Laboratory says the country would need to quadruple its annual solar capacity between now and 2025 60 gigawatts over the following five years. Ben Thomas Washington I'm Tim Maguire. AP News officials in New York are announcing they've identity Find the remains of two more victims of the September 11th terrorist attacks at the World Trade Center just days before the 20th anniversary of the devastating attacks that killed nearly 3000 people and jolted the nation. The medical examiner's office says technicians using DNA were able to identify the remains of Dorothy Morgan of Hempstead, New York, She was a broker for Marsh and McLennan. Officials also determined the identity of a man whose remains were recovered in separate fines in 2000 and 1, 2002 and 2006. His family is asking the name be withheld. It's the first time in two years new identification have been made. 1100 remains are still unidentified, even though teams are still working to match DNA to fragments found Chief medical examiner of New York, Barbara Sampson says they pledged to do everything they can to make sure all those lost that day can be reunited with their families. I'm Jackie Quinn I Mike Rossi, a reporting Dylann roof seeks a rehearing on his church shooting conviction. Lawyers for Dylann Roof filed a petition Wednesday challenging the fourth U. S Circuit Court of Appeals confirmation of his conviction and death sentence for the 2015 racist slayings of nine members of Mother Emanuel Ame Church in Charleston, South Carolina. Attorneys for roof want the full court to consider his appeal after a three judge panel of the court unanimously upheld roofs, conviction and sentence last month. In 2017 roof, became the first defendant in the United States sentenced to death for a federal hate crime roofs. Attorneys argue he was wrongly allowed to represent himself during sentencing. I'm Mike Rossia. Thank you for listening.

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