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We got for you there. Speaking of Texas, Tech sports. So we'd trying to talk about the news views and issues of the region that matter. Our friends Scott Braddock, let me take a little side sidetrack here are prince Scott Braddock is not going to be with us cannot deliver Braddock on Texas today because he has kidney stone in a hope is just singular not plural. A kidney stone may be stones. And is there in a in a hospital all our best to Scott Braddock? But his segment last week was in flake, oh in so we're going to replay that for you coming up a Scott Braddock and then about thirty minutes from now you'll hear from. Lubbock west Texas, congressman Jody Errington will get into the things that matter to the listening audience, but this is where I want to begin the speaking of Texas Tech athletics. Folks, if I had been given a big been brew for every time, I've heard the name Mike Leach today in connection to Texas Tech and the potential ousting of. Potential to probable ousting of cliff Kingsbury. I wouldn't be behind this microphone. I'd be face down in a bar ditch somewhere not raving on with you. Here's what we know. Now. My best in the worst the weekend. And I'm going to discontinue into best going through Monday night. We are about an hour in two hours and ten minutes away from kickoff of Pat, Mahomes and. The LA Rams in. I'm going go ahead and just count that as my best of the weekend. The twins my twin boys. They're flag football team law. So I'm gonna go and say my best of the weekend is going to be the Kansas City. LA Rams game tonight. But the worst the weekend Baath for whatever that cluster was in Manhattan, Kansas in I think a lot of you would be listening with your own. Abol stripper wherever wherever your right now. You would agree that what happened in Manhattan Kansas against Kansas state on Saturday was the worst twenty six. Look, I get it. I I'm on the politics for cliff Kingsbury because we're clip took up in where we were at that time was an absolute cluster. Fifty yard Lon. Tobby Ma biggers Tom Tupper Bill. A big problem. I think UT university Texas Oklahoma university you win one of those two games with Alan Bowman edge quarterback. But I don't know what you say about what happened in Kansas Kansas state in Manhattan on Saturday. I consider myself to be a friend in hope that he would say the same a friend of Mike Leach, he's been on this program. I like Mike Leach a lot call me a liter call me whenever you may. I think he's a genius. And we've had other people on the program who said as much a Sam Gwynne. Come at Sam Gwynne if you will Sam win wrote empire the summer moon perfect pass, and is is a scholar an academic, Anna gentleman. But has a lot of good to say about Mike Leach? Now, he said what he said about his boss, quote, unquote. I get that whole argument. But I will tell you that I've heard Mike Leach is name continuously over the course of the day. Now, am I going to make this issue into a into a region gate issue? Now. Now. I don't think I will. But I am telling you that I hear Mike Leach is name more than I would've Sumed. I would have heard Mike Leach is name. For a potential replacement for cliff Kingsbury. Now, here's where we stand right now. If Kingsbury were off it would be about five million dollars twenty four and five million dollars in that doesn't include buying out his assistance, but with a base of about four million dollars, and then four point one million dollars in twenty twenty you buy out the difference in that's four million dollars for cliff Kingsbury, and I've been absolutely astonished over the course of the day. Former foes of Mike Leach, the Leech your crowd, and, you know, Minnesota pejorative against a lot of people have all of a sudden mellowed in. I think that tends to mellow whenever he's got his team in a position to be in the college football playoffs. And some are beginning to warm up to him. Now why? We've had a lot of conversation on this program about hotel. Hotel revenue taxes in what that kids. What that could mean? Now. Here's what we do know in this is based upon the Lubbock avalanche journal last weekend..

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