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COM. Does about the argument. Well is a funny. We win one. We had to wait. We had a wait on them. We had a weight on the. Janke Boston game to see where we're going. We didn't know so we clint's today early in the play, the worst sitting around the hotel in Chicago and we had made it agreement GonNa leave at ten o'clock well. We figured we know what it right, but the game was going into extra innings well. All the guys were out of a room. They put aside about rooms now. The Guys Hang Around Barn, getting disgusted so I see my. Traveling Secretary Bill Becker said what time is ten o'clock bus leave and it was about ten thirty then who said well? You know. David and not. Larry said well, we'll wait a little bit I. Call up the Tom. Get there s down here because we're leaving. And when down air, I was mad I was mad. I saw sparking the elevator and we got into it and. Run, the country club here I'm trying to win here, okay? So. Argument, Kept saying shut up, shut up. You'll get fired I said. I'M GONNA win. David was even a consideration, so it was not a consideration to fire him prior to the world series even. After manager of the year is downplaying the argument a little bit because he and I love each other. He was yelling in front of the players in front of the staff and speed, so what I thought was disrespectful in angry and his wife Carol. WHO's the most wonderful beautiful? Amazing woman is basically elbowing him in the stomach. Saying you have to stop this because she really thought that somehow he'd be fired, right? Right then and there, but Jack wouldn't stop. He was like a crazy guy was screaming about. This is ten o'clock God. Damn bus, and I'm telling you right now. We're leaving ten meanwhile Larry Bind, fest and I are up in the suite in.

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