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On my jacket making that custom jean jacket fucked me well fuck me at all also my instagram bio five minutes literally wow yeah well you can be a little more diplomatic and conversation i mean my big thing in the dallas sexual philosophy they say that sexually speaking men are like fire they're quick to ignite and quick to extinguish women are like water they're slow to boil but they keep on boiling the work for both sexes is to meet somewhere in the middle the real sexual learning work of the man is to be able to build stamina to learn how to be able to go for longer to not just get thrown off by oh she's in doggy style i'm gonna come in thirty seconds right that he's got some stability there for the woman she learns how to exist at moore of sexual simmer so instead of having to go from ice to boiling she lives at a simmer she's always perpetually ready and the and the couple in relationship is perpetually ready so they're doing the work to stay connected emotionally energetically sexually so that they don't have to always go from ice melting ace to get up to a boiling place like if we go to zero to ten analogy zero is is in ten is willing they're always hovering a seven or eight there's always this kind of sexual electrically that's dancing between them and so that happens by continually making sure that you're clearing the space between you so that you're doing your emotional communication you're staying honest with each other you're asking for what you want you're not just suffing things down when we stuff things down those end up creating walls and those walsh show up in bed so let's say a couple had an argument at breakfast time and they didn't really resolve it and they go to have sex evening maybe he comes really quickly maybe she doesn't lubricate properly but instead of attributing it to the fact that there's some unspoken unresolved business between them they just buy into he's coming too quickly she's getting wed she doesn't really have a highly beata you know instead of the deeper root cause where this actually came from so it's really looked into communication and the honest work outside of the bedroom and then moving towards the bedroom absolutely.

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