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National legislation to protect voter rights. Republican leaders criticizing President Biden's decision to wind down U. S operations in Afghanistan an agreement with Afghan leaders made by the Trump administration even though the Pentagon says it's leaving a well trained and equipped Afghan army to fight the Taliban. Republican Mitch McConnell insists Afghanistan Is unraveling the Senate Republican leaders, saying President Biden's making a deadly mistake pulling all U. S troops out. He's rejected warnings that the government in Kabul Will fall to the Taliban. The Pentagon saying the U. S. Is not there to fight an Afghan civil war and the feel the ABC News Washington in California, a state judge, delivering a blow to Governor Gavin Newsom ahead of the recall. You submit the deadline to have a D for Democrat listed next to his name on the California recall ballot. He sued his own secretary of state, saying his election attorney made a filing mistake last year and he wants to be listed as a Democrat. Will. His opponents are listed as Republicans in this overwhelmingly Blue State, Now a judge in Sacramento ruling the quote circumstances do not justify excuse from the deadline end quote. Newsom will have no party affiliation on the ballot. ABC is Alex Stone in Los Angeles. You're listening to ABC News. Stay connected. Stay informed. 20 minutes of nonstop news continues on co mo news. 1000 FM 97 7 Good afternoon. Come on news time, 12. Oh, two. I'm Taylor Van sites now our top stories from the chemo 24 7 News Center. Hundreds of people remain under mandatory evacuation orders, including the entire town of Nez Belem in Okanogan County. Kathy Moses is with fire information group there and tells a comma that a thunderstorm moved through the area. Early last evening. Several lightning statics comes through the Kabul Indian reservation. Um, sitting off, um, a few fires kill them spiel and one toward each limb and then each lamb district, three homes and several other buildings as well as barns and sheds burned in this bill. Um, last night. Okanogan County Emergency Management officials say that SPLM Buffalo Lake Agency, Cache Creek and other surrounding areas are all under level. Three mandatory evacuation notices at a shelter is set up at the high school in Grand Cooley. We now know the name of the man accused of starting a massive fire at a sea tank apartment, which left more than 80 people homeless and sent forward to the hospital combos. Nick Problem with details. The man's name is Michael Reinsdorf, who they believe.

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