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Song. Think he ended up with fifty percent just because he had a seven dollar word are shackled. Feed off the icy waters themes protagonist will drown. There's no clue this right. All the world's a stage we're burning down the theater with them one. Inside the prestigious john can slide down baptist gambling part time so haven't been engaged in this practice of writing for so long. Now jeffey like the next batch of songs might not comb or you always have a sense of trust not process that you know you're going to be able to deliver. When the time comes. I felt like that probably ten years ago for sure. Eight years ago asserted thing man. I've written a lot of songs. And i don't know what else i want to write about and i don't know if anybody's listening and i don't know what's the point of this thing anymore and i said to a a friend of mine who's been. He's kind of the generation above means canadian band called blue rodeo. Jim cuddy the main songwriter in the band. Along with great dealer his partner of forty years. They've been working together. And i said to jim like i don't know what to write about. I don't know if i have more sons in me. I don't know what i'm writing for. I don't know who's listening. And jim said yeah but it beats hanging. Drywall doesn't it and it was sort of his way of saying fucking. Just relax. just go right. Your job is amazing. You you're good at it and we all feel like that occasionally like the songs aren't gonna come and i think getting through that process and maybe getting to you know silver ball and then fake nudes out okay. I do know what i'm doing here. And then it's like then you get inducted into the hall of fame and then you get like a lifetime achievement. Songwriting word award and like start to think. I have to be good at this. Like what i have to stop. Second guessing myself. There are no more awards for them to give me. I have to finally go. Okay all right. I know what i'm doing and it's weird to talk about. Not having confidence like twenty five twenty seven years in year career. But i felt that on the way to be inducted into the hall of fame i was like thinking i had something to prove like. I should just be enjoying this. So i now feel like i'm more confident. In the fact that it is a craft and learned a lot over the years. And i i have more tools and i'm always amassing more tools. I learned something from each. I learned something from each songwriting process. I learned something from each writer that i work with. And it's like. I put another perfect tool in my tool belt like. Oh i'd like what he did there and that's something i can do in the future and it just expands my capability i guess but ultimately it is it's a craft right like anyone who's finished assam knows that it's the inspiration. Part of it is a fraction of the saw. It's the craft. It's the architecture of the song is the most important thing. If you rely too heavily on the muse visit you. Then she'll just stop coming. You have to do the work with any particular tools you you picked up from them. Donovan moods he wrote with on this album. I think it was called forbidden. Man-made lake with the two songs on this yeah he was the person. I was picturing when i said that. Actually and what was really interesting about writing with donovan. Woods is he was a big fan of my writing growing up so he asked me a lot of specific questions about how it came up with certain lines and interestingly we're both big hip hop fans and the way a rapper fits align into the flow of lyric. You know i look at somebody like eminem and obvious choice as i often say like. I'm super happy when my lines rhyme when i have a rhyme scheme for the verse and it goes a bb or goes aba unlike solid. Okay i got it and eminem's rhyme schemes are like there's seven internal rhymes per lie and as a writer. You look at the go. My god he's playing three dimensional chess with every verse and it all makes sense and not only do the lines rhyme but they rhymed five to seven times throughout each line. And i think like what. I look at a rhyming dictionary. Sometimes and i pick a word. Does he just circle the paragraph. And go okay. Here's the fifteen rhymes. I'm going to use in this line in this single line so anyway to get back to your question about what specific tools i learned from donovan woods. He said to me. What do you think about the title man made lake. And i was like i love that and i said you know my places on a man-made lake here he said yeah thinking about like he told me a story about when he was a kid and he visited some kids house and was beautiful. He said it was like the most mentioned to him. It was like the most beautiful home he ever visited and he said to his dad. I went to so-and-so's house and it's part of the whatever. It was called as part of the woods estates and his dad kind of sloughed it off and sent to estates. That's a landfill. That's on a man-made lake like said it to to say oh you were fooled like that wasn't actually a beautiful place it was a fabricated place and mike cottage is on quote. A man made lake. It was just made a hundred and fifty years ago when they dammed the south end of the lake and this what used to be. Cedar swamp became a lake. But now it's i think it's the most beautiful place in the world but someone some people will dismiss its beauty because it wasn't technically naturally occurring. So i guess. What i learned from donovan is the sometimes. The title is.

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