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Answering them as our chief medical correspondent Dr Jen Ashton she's been appearing on the streaming channel ABC news live with Diane Macedo with questions coming from Facebook Twitter and Instagram literally thousands of questions have been coming in we picked a few starting with one about exactly one self quarantine is self Florentine is not a staycation self quarantine is done for a person who may have had an exposure to a known coronavirus and when you self quarantine the premise is that your positive that you actually have been infected that's why it has to be rigid it has to be by the book there has to be significant and aggressive distancing if you live in a home with other people you know it's not like you're having family meals it's not like you're all in the kitchen together it's not like you're sitting on the sofa together it's hard it's logistically hard it's psychologically hard but it is done to out of an abundance of caution assuming that a person who's been exposed will in fact become positive next question is if you do get the virus what exactly is the specific treatment no treatment right now it's supportive so we think that the vast majority of people will have mild or even possibly no symptoms so you would stay at home just like you would do if you would gotten a virus or a cold or flu six months ago when you had even heard of this he would stay at home you would rest you would take plenty of fluids if you edit fever or anybody else you would take acetaminophen or ibuprofen for the smaller subset of people who would develop severe symptoms and what we call lower respiratory tract illness which would be bronchitis or pneumonia they're gonna need medical attention and it and in some cases hospitalization my fifteen year old is leaving for a field trip to a student convention with three thousand kids from all over the country how worried should I be they are flying and staying at a large hotel for four days this is a really hard question you know I'm a mom of two college students who have just had the remainder of their at Khademi cures canceled in person one of them is moving out of her college dorm room as we speak I think that different schools and different levels are figuring that out on their own in real time obviously a lot of large gatherings and schools are canceling or rescheduling which is unfortunate in some ways but I think it speaks to the uncertainty here that we don't know about the severity certainly when you have groups of large students large people carry in from all over the country in close prolonged contact that is a risk it's not a matter of of if but when and it's not a matter of where you are in the country it will be everywhere so I think that's an individual concern and only the person can decide for themselves their.

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