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Because all the little big throws that he made all counted game or twenty points. Okay. But but look what they gave up Alex Smith couldn't cash in the reds. Are they going to defense even then they finally drove it at the end of the game Adrian yards for touchdown and with one minute and fifteen seconds left. They had an onside kick that. Again. I'd pick New England that game, and I'm covering my eyes because if they recovered these are the old onside kick rules were much more recoverable, and guess who recovered it that guy gronkowski who used to be gronkowski. And he recovered the onside and save the day in that game original. But. Who's responsible red zone? Well, I'm just saying, but but look what they gave you wanna to talk about been been been. But don't break. I didn't break enough. They bent a lot because twelve of twenty third rent is out of the lot of third-down scout what you do understand in twenty fourteen Tom Brady turn the ball over three times. They had zero points midway through the third quarter game when we talk about fourteen. Zastava? Okay. So you could understand how they could get the forty if Tom turns the ball over and they're not generating anything offensively. They rushed the ball for over two hundred yards running on your point again in the four games against Andy Reid. His team has run the ball and average of one hundred and fifty five yards game. You're probably gonna lose your near lucky that you've pulled out any of those games. And what are the also try to? He's I'm gonna take away your best into weapon. Okay. Who Kansas state is best offensive weapon. You go take. Because these I don't know if you've ever seen anything like this before. Because if you let's just take anybody. Let's look at the Dallas Cowboys and Emmett and Michael in Troy which ROY control the ball like Mahomes, Michael dam. Sure. Couldn't relate. Hi, ric. He'll okay amick run the football. So if you start a, you know, what team were really worried about Michael getting now, he's gonna run that bang a discount post. He gonna run that deep five comeback. That's Michael Irvin. Right. He made a living that skip the big play potential. Tyreek hill is a legitimate touchdown. Anytime. He gets his hands on the ball. So coach check says, okay. I'm going to stack the box. Do you really want to stack the box against tyreek hill and leave him one on one with anybody? No, you don't coach check. If you look at the way, he builds his defense guilt for the most part. They're really really young. He doesn't have a big. He doesn't have a bond Miller. He doesn't have a Khalil Mack doesn't have an Donal. So Ernst fault. Is that he's the personnel director? I don't know. I don't know. Wants to spend Ed Chandler Jones. He wants he wants to spread his money over a lot of areas where the money goes that she's being I don't get it in his pocket when he wakes get if you look at his team, they're really really young and early on. They make a lot of mistakes, but they build and they build in the Bill and then when it gets tied to lateness evening in playoffs. Everybody knows where they're supposed to be and they make plays. So he's gonna give he doesn't care about yards. He don't care if he finished thirty second yards. What he cares about his points? As long as I keep. But out of the Endo kick those field goals 'cause I knew I got a guy what you can feel goes. I gotta guy who's gonna get sailor. So that's the way he approaches skill. But don't be I don't know how young they are. When I start thinking about Chung and. Hightower and Deva Corti, and Stefan Gilmore, I don't know. They seem like old to me. But see he's sprang he's he's sprinkled in trae plows. And he gets van noise. Skipped he gets everybody can't play for him. Remember, Chris long won the Super Bowl. They wanted him back. He says, no I need to go work and be a book ballplayers get I want to rush the passer, you'll give up anything that you want..

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