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Four goal law welcome had happy friday this his travelogue the podcast of now traveler and i am here in the conduct ask podcast studios with merritt carey loulei ara cog lou aaron florio and laura redman are all of whom are editors for traveler in all of whom are podcast regular so this is an allstar crowd today my name is frederick men and wanna say happy holidays merry christmas happy new year whatever your thing is we haven't seen use since a december you've heard podcast that we prerecorded and played back including women who travel the first episode of women who travel we'll talk more about that may be at the end which is your incentive to stay this is our final episode taping in 2017 and it's been one hell of a year 2017 was one hell of a year from the traveller perspective there were some really great things that happened laura had a baby yes here is it now here's garret hasn't been a here corey had a baby this is babies everywhere bread 100 baby bread head of hair you our engineer good job you can't hear and but he's watching spectating meredith in lally launched the woman who travelled podcast which you heard last week we celebrated travelers thirtieth anniversary that was a lot of fun and went on for months and months and months leap birthday party ever and travelogue celebrated its one hundred episode and our two year anniversary so those were all fun things there are many others we produce a ton of really awesome content hate that word content we wrote a lotta great stuff took a lot of great pictures uh made a lot of grey stories.

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