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You, know, John Williams You know the, discussion we have, on that topic is we can't really judge that till he same game action. Because yes he he's catching. Some passes. Your training camp he's made. A few difficult catches out of the backfield on, on balls that haven't been placed right where they need to be he has worked on of hands as hard as he's working on anything in his game. And he deserves credit for the sort of drive and focus he's. Put into that part of his, improvement process but all it takes is one drop near the goal line in week one against Atlanta last year that. Probably, cost many season opening win and all of a sudden, any storylines from July and August that his hands are improved. Go right out the window and so he's just. Going to have to continue to get better and. Then ultimately proved to us that he's reliable in game action and until. We get there it's, premature to sort, of say oh yeah the hands are terrific and they're fixed and and, he's going to be a weapon in the. Passing game every week dann Wieder from the Tribune joining us it's waddling Salvi on ESPN one thousand we asked you when we are in Couple of. Days ago but we gotta keep checking. In roquan Smith what are you hearing Well so it's important to note this through some of the reporting that we've done that that the offset language is not the main hold up of this thing in regards to the money that the bears would try to recoup if. He did not make it to the end of his rookie contract and. Then, signed elsewhere there are other fine print details in this contract that they're. Haggling over ideally I think both sides would like him, to, play in three preseason games so now you start doing the math and you say well it's getting a little bit too late now to expect him to get into camp to get in shape. To get. Up to speed to play in next week's hall of fame, game in canton all right go to the back end of the preseason schedule and say the bears are not going to put roquan Smith out there in that. Preseason finale which you basically rest anyone who means anything to your team in that regard so now you, only. Have three preseason games laughing. For him to be ready for that August ninth state Cincinnati something's gotta happen here soon and it really, has been a bit of a staring contest. Between the bears and and roquan Smith agency and, it's going to be who blinks first and. I think they both Have the same goals in mind and it's it's let's get this kid three preseason games at the at the bare minimum he needs to play in two preseason games to acclimate himself to the speed and physicality this game and be ready for September so the clock ticks and they just. Kind of continue to Sterry and eventually someone's going to have to point. And, put the kids best interests at heart I think one of the things. That gets lost in these discussions is sometimes I think, the, fans can have this perception that the player himself is being a bit of a prima Donna and and I miss case there's no question that roquan Smith wants to be here he is left. In the. Hands of agents and and so if they can get something, done they will and in the meantime he sort of chomping at the bit to, take to get here and get on the field with the I was going. To ask Dan I mean there's no way to simulates full football practice but is there any report on, what. He's doing in the meantime. Trying to stay in shape as possible you know Matt Nagy said that he he loved the reps that, roquan got during OJ's minicamp that he has. The playbook that he undergo Stands the types of things. That they want him, to, be studying and and sort of keeping his mind sharp and and who knows what he's doing physically to to sort, of stay in, shape ultimately he's going to have to get here he's gonna have to. Get on that field he's going to have to get his body right he's gonna have to take some of those hits and. And really particularly as rookie you've gotta get into that preseason game action to have three or four of those moments where you say well you know the. Speed of this is unlike anything I I've been in even coming from the SEC and playing at the level that he played at there is that I opening moment you gotta get that out of the way as. Soon as possible so then you can kind of settle. In and start to to play and react and not be worried about kind of the way, things are. Spinning around you I, know they had a day off yesterday but is there any grumpiness and he fights erupting yet and can't nothing we don't have I can't. Fight yet, other than maybe some argument arguing amongst reporters, who want to figure out where to go to dinner that okay, heated as I've gotten down here so. We're still, waiting for that and you, know me I I love that I fight a camp because then we can blow it out of Proportion and yes go. Talk to both guys, and, and just have a full you know four hours of stories of one little kerfuffle Well there's only like one restaurant there, we went to Brixton which. Which other restaurants you. Guys arguing for or against I, mean it's it's a difficult choice down here you there's. A really, does pizza you gotta go there sometimes my partner at the. Tribune rich Campbell loves the botchy grill at the mall.

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