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It. So we have an Email that I'm going to read. Let's do it. Okay. Twenty teen was quite a whirlwind for me and my marriage has been on an up and down roller coaster. I love my husband, but we have marital issues just like everyone else for the last two years. I've been on a journey of self love and self discovery. Just trying to have more self care due to four years of infertility stress and eventually adopting girl I gained excuse me. I gain a significant amount of weight and since beginning of twenty seventeen set on a weight loss journey at my pace. First year went great last year, healthy Jim habits, stronger. No weight loss. I find that. When I get closer to my husband's, wait. He's also overweight, but I've been comfortably over him for some time. He seems to do little things to sabotage me bring breads, cookies, chips, home or going out to restaurants, more my weight loss at the same time, he'll be bragging about his weight loss since I quote, inspired him. We had a blow at this week where I told him straight up that I think this is happening. And I wanted to know why he says he thinks I will leave him. I never gave him any indication. I told him I just need to regain myself, my health, and my health for myself, and my daughter the question is how to continue on self care when big obstacles are put up even by those who love us, even when their reasons are unfounded. There is a lot to unpack here. I've had two thoughts upon immediately reading this Email for the first time and it landed in our in box number one. I think just want to congratulate yourself on healthy Jim habits and feeling stronger. Whether or not there's weight loss involved that stood out to me. And it's wonderful that you are doing things that make you feel like you are caring for yourself. Yeah. And doing things to make you feel healthy for you. And your your daughter. That's awesome. The other thing that the biggest glaring thing for me was like get Ye two couples. Yes. Yesterday. Yeah, there because this is not something that we are going to be able to help you with one because your husband's here too. Because we're not licensed, therapists. But I really think the fact that I think it's great that you brought it up. Yeah. But that's like step one. Yes. And his response that he's afraid you will leave him is. Ville something appeal to me. But it also feels like it's you're telling us it's not founded it's unfound yet. And so this needs to be discussed with like a professional person. I would say, yeah. And point. Anything else to outdoor? No. I mean that was my the some of my advice was going to be pleased, go to couples therapy. And so you've come through so much for years of infertility stress. Adoption you are have been setting out on a weight loss journey for yourself. There is a lot there. I think that you could use someone to talk to about all of that together. Maybe also individually. Yes. But it sounds like you've gone through quite an experience together. And I really do feel like a professional would help you communicate. And also also help you articulate what your goals are to him to make clear that you do not need your partner, sabotaging you. And I think it will help him to understand why he's doing it. Yeah. Yeah. And also why you're doing it? I I don't under- he thinks you'll leave him if you lose weight like, that's no that's not why you're doing why. You're you're making that choice for yourself. So I think having an extra voice. There to help navigate this would be very helpful. Yes. She listened to voicemail. Yes. Dorrie we should. Hi, kim. Joy. This is healthy calling from Chapel Hill North Carolina. I'm calling because I have a Lemaire dilemma I recently received a package from nordstrom's that I didn't order, and when I opened it I found about five hundred dollars worth of Lemaire products inside which clearly was sent to the wrong address. I called her strengths to let them know that they accidentally delivered this this package to me. And they were for a number of reasons very confused and did suggest they send it back. But the package did have my name, and my address on it, and in theory could be guest. And so it seems like manna from heaven that I got five hundred dollars worth of free Lemaire products, including three full five products and nine different samples. So I'm just wondering what you think I should do. I assume this woman who is supposed to receive the package did call from spreads this point. And they'll just send her the right thing. But I don't wanna get done karma essentially from keeping package. Love the podcast and just want to say to my friend Hillary I've known for over ten years. It was pretty in Germany, but we still keep in touch in talking about the podcast in excellent adventure every week. I mean, I guess my biggest question is how do you definitely know? This wasn't for you. Your Dame was on. It is your address. It will be one thing if it had someone else's name and your address or your name and the riot. Yeah. But like the fact that it was address to you makes me think that the fuck up was the fact that they didn't Mark it as a gift. Let's just say even it's not a gift. Let's just say a package of Lemaire landed in Chapel Hill North Carolina on her doorstep. Address to I heard you keep it. Yeah. I like, why would you? It's not like it has somebody like inside. It says dear Stephanie, not you know, it's there is nothing. You would be going. I think it's great to have a moral compass. Yes. And I think being honest at all situations is always the best policy. But in this case, you didn't you're not. I don't know. Maybe she should return it. Now, I've spent out waffling I'm waffling because I'm always you didn't pay for it. I would do I would ask like is there a way to like post on Facebook like without saying exactly what it is say? Like, hey, did someone send me again from Ron from Nordstrom like if you did like show yourself, or whatever, you know? You know, I think that might be a way to figure out if someone actually like maybe someone sent this to you possibly I just I'm just getting tripped up by the fact that it was a dressed to you. And who is the credit card that paid like, for example, when you return an item to I returned to give to Nordstrom recently. I could see as I was returning. It the information of I knew who it was from. But their information came up when I returned the item. So if you were to bring this to a Nord like they should be able to live near Nordstrom, though. Well, you know, that's on Nordstrom for not creating a store near in Chapel Hill. Yeah. I'll tell you. I think there's got to be one in the Raleigh Durham, greater triangle area. I kind of know, but they should be able to track it on like if you call and give them the tracking number. They should be able to know who ordered it. Yeah, there if Nordstrom is not helping you out more here. I'm actually surprised because Nordstrom usually has really great customer service. They do. The other thing I I would say like if I would call back and say, hey, I got a gift and there's no gift receipt or note in here. Can you tell me who it's from? There we go there. We now if they can't and you are saddled with this package, and you are feeling karmic Louis anxious, donate the items, donate them. Some there are many organizations who will accept unused beauty products and someone would be thrilled to receive them. So I think you could always go that route or use them. Yeah. We won't tell anybody. If you decide to keep them just this podcast community. That's listening right now. But you all don't tell anyone you don't. But also if the president of Nordstrom is listening to this podcast shoot us, an Email and tell us how to solve this problem yet do that. I know you've got nothing else. Go. All right dorey. Let's end with one more voice. Okay. Hey, ladies, my name's Kerry. I'm calling from New York. I'm walking along the street. We speak to company ride on my name from a yoga stroke that thing intentions workshop the new year. I just want to say thanks to you guys. Because maybe if I didn't listen to the palled, I wouldn't have gone, and I've come I feeding really inspired with intensity that for the new year. So thanks so much. I'm not she got more to say. But I'm gonna go down to the diary. I wanna talk about it here on my next Cole. But as I'm on the street just a short Wednesday think by. I can't wait for the longer voicemail. The diary what a delightful voicemail, I left that you left the workshop and beep us in your phone gave us a ring Golding. And called us up to tell us about it. That's so exciting. I'm so glad you went. Yeah. And I'm just thrilled. It was a positive experience. But just wonderful heartwarming voicemail to receive and we eagerly await the next one lease call us back. What do you think is in that next one? I can't even imagine. I'm really looking forward to him. I would I would love to know what your intentions are that you set. I mean, they're obviously private you don't have to share. But. But if you wanna share. Yeah, let's hear some two thousand nineteen ten. She anybody's got them. I put mine on Instagram Dory. I know. Yeah. They were basically that the last one was like I can break. These spy so go best intentions, all the intention. We should all have dorey. The end is here. It is. We will talk to you all next week. Thanks for listening by.

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