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Scratching herself or are. Yeah. You know, just doing it to get attention. But apparently, this wasn't the case because they took it to the local police station and on the way there the police officer is the patrol car could actually see what appear to be new scratch marks and and bite bite marks appearing on her flesh and for her own safety. They even put her inside a a painter inside a a jail cell and even while she was in jail cell. She was being attacked. But yes, yes, nothing physically be seeing that was doing this, Tim tell us tell us about this Amazon river story because this one this is baffling. Well, it's anything includes some over four hundred individuals four hundred four hundred. Yeah. At least four hundred documented cases, nineteen seventy seven and nineteen seventy eight. The object, which was nickname chew Pachuca. Which means basically means suck suck in Portuguese was described as being like over frigerator shape the object, and it would either come up out of the ocean. Or would be seen, you know, coming across the sky, and it would shoot a horizontal beam of light out at the the individuals who are being attacked and out of this heart. Well, first of all they had burn marks on their body. But out of the race that was being shot from the bottom of the craft. What comes out of some sort of like? Oh, Pinscher objects that would actually more into their skin and make circular marks in it. In fact, again on the coast to coast website,.

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