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Ads <hes> you know the caching episodes breaks the donna cancer shen model because what you've done is you've captured a snapshot of your file and the ability to update that file in spotify for not pass through is is not possible so so you're going to capture one ad that's is gonna be in there for the life of the show on the platform and that's not how that program is supposed to work so so i do believe that they the days of cashing doing are going to be <hes> short. I think most of the platforms are are are going to move to pass through like like google. Play is eventually. I believe gonna get shut down so that one's going to go away. Stitcher has converted over to pass through and so we're going to see i. I think that the list is winding down of those that are cashing and i think that those days we're going to go away. Well we have <hes>. We didn't come through the show glitch-free. We are not live streaming. Were still on the air. We are not live streaming at the moment and reset in a trance cut ourselves. We'll come back up but don't matter ninety five or ninety nine. Percent audience is still listening sure because you're still recording. That's right. They are the folks are were. They go so. I think the you know from that. Standpoint ain't <hes> you know you can be sure your numbers are pretty good and when we see that our p. come in pamela that says IB certification required you can check that that box and say yes. We're rata certify platform that is good to know and i really you can't tell people enough always work with a platform that has been around a while that his built these relationships outwards with all the other companies his they'll take better care of you and help you grow faster. I think it's having the time to build the tools that are appropriate for this medium medium. You know that's one of the challenges that a lot of new companies have they come in and they look all shiny and new <hes> but they haven't had the the years years of development behind them to to really refine those tools and to make them podcast friendly and i think that's the key takeaway and i agree with you pamela. It's the platforms that have spent the time to listen to podcasters and understand their needs are the best places to be. They may not be the new cool place to be but i think in the long term if you're serious about podcasting i think those platforms are are the ones you need to really <hes> stick with ram sitting here looking at the technical side of stuff so sorry about that. Look you know we we really haven't talked too much rob. You heaven given your your opinion of dragon con. <hes> what was your and we got some upcoming events to that. Were attending right well. I think dragon khan was different <hes> for for me and i think it was a different different event than last year when i went <hes> <hes> from a a podcasting track because it wasn't a podcasting track this year as opposed to what it was last year <hes> so last mr it was kind of a digital media podcasting track where this year it was just a digital media track and i think it it did create a little bit of a different dynamic and i i did talk to the the organizers about this and i think todd i included you on that that that email about things that you know we would recommend to them to to to make that event. You know reach its full potential specifically around podcasting. I i think that the the thought was that the concept.

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