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You know, who might be getting a bunch of roses and bouquets Tom Brady might be getting a contract extension as well. Forty two forty two in August, and Robert Croft Israelites call. Tweets will Robert Croft of the New England Crofts says he fully expects that there will be a contract extension for Tom Brady was entering the last year of his deal in twenty nine figure. They're gonna do something. Anyway, I don't want him. Them counting twenty-seven mill against the cap. That's what he would be. So you wanna that's the way to do it. That's the way to spread it out over a number of years by doing an extension. So you can say you're doing essentially because he wants to play the forty five or you're doing extension to help your cap numbers. Well, it can be a little bit of both handle that nice checkup. You're smooth that money out over the next three years something like that. I mean, we're all trying to retire. And just be headline alone of the patriots want to extend him is the perfect sort of thumbing their nose at the rest of us for all the conversation. We have and you think why? And why it's the last three three Super Bowl. So why don't break this up? He's playing well now last year a little bit better than this year. But still the thought process wouldn't be entering my mind either. I mean at some point you're want to think about what's next in obviously, they thought maybe that would Jimmy Garoppolo. We all know how that turned out. But listen at some point you're going to have to go down that road. But right now, you know, keep rolling the last two Super Bowls. He's thrown for nine hundred seventy one yards. That's more than all of Jim Kelly's for Super Bowl appearances all of Peyton Manning's for Super Bowl appearances. All Terry Bradshaw. Now granted different air with Terry Bradshaw. Writer standing, but he threw for four hundred plus and five hundred in the last two Super Bowls. I mean, he's not it's you it's hard to almost put some sort of rational thought process, the things he's been able to do over the last couple of years that being said with all that we talk about that time line, and you talk about extending him, and we know part of the discussion around Jimmy Garoppolo was that horizon of man, if you think Jimmy Garoppolo could be a franchise guy. Do you start to wean into this knowing that you could play a tenure game as opposed to three your game as good as the three year games been? You wonder this is a certainly down year for quarterbacks. But what were you could maybe see some of these guys later in the first round some second round value. And these guys I wonder when the patriots take a gamble again in the draft on one of these guys try and get a younger quarterback in there to start to develop. I wouldn't be surprised this year. With a couple of quarterbacks that might be going a little bit later than people think it's so interesting because a lot of times when you think you're getting that next quarterback. It's a guy you're gonna take the first round and bridge to them and stuff, and you look at Tom Tom, obviously was was a six rounder. So didn't work that way. So it's finding those gems a lot of times you can do that. Like Jimmy Johnson was great at that. Finding those third fourth fifth sixth seventh rounders that turned out to be not only Pro Bowl, but some hall of famers. But rarely did you do that. With a quarterback. He's still took Troy Aikman as I row top guy. So with the quarterback, it always seemed a little different rarely did you say, yeah, we got this guy in the third round. And we think he's going to be the quarterback of our future. That's usually not how it rolls in the NFL. No, it's not an especially in New England a place where with Jimmy they had him. They had him around the building for a while. Like, you get a chance to develop them and assist them that we know is pretty demanding at that position. And you wonder if that portion of it getting him in time to still learn under Tom Brady to. Around that before you have to hand over the reins. Yeah. Look the and again, this goes to what what I think is Tom Brady's biggest and most brilliant trait throughout his entire career. He's never been the highest paid quarterback is only not one time. Now granted they've manipulated the cap couple of times. Yeah. I was gonna say I think that's disingenuous statistic. It isn't. Because it is. I know what you're saying that they've been able to work within the system to manipulate a better. So that cap it, isn't there? And that by far is is a brilliant brilliant move at I think, it's a I think it's taking advantage of circumstances. That again are a gross outlier in the NFL. And I don't really count that. They do does it. They do it. And and he isn't one of the six top cap quarterbacks where they're not in the playoffs. So it's not disingenuous. It is also think those six top cab quarterback things are kind of. I think there's a cost of doing business that net you down the road. And we see that bear out with a lot of the quarterbacks.

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