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Highest ranking member of the Trump administration convicted of a crime will find out today if he is going to prison for lying to the FBI Michael Flynn, the president's former ally known for his calls to imprison Hillary Clinton during the campaign will learn how much time if any he'll serve behind bars plen- pled guilty in December of last year for lying to the FBI about his conversations with Russia's ambassador while he was the president's national security adviser. The retired army Lieutenant General may not spend. Any time in jail special counsel, Robert Muller is recommending that flan get no prison time because of his quote substantial cooperation in the Russia probe. Stephanie Ramos, ABC news, Washington. The accusation accused is the accuses the pike county sheriff today of keeping confiscated cash in a safe in his office that only he had access to and that he would take that money out to go gamble more allegations that the sheriff is a compulsive gambler owing different people thousands on top of that the anonymous complainant claimed sheriff reader has taken cars out of the impound lot and gave them to his daughter to drive ABC six is Haley Nelson. This sheriff has not commented on the allegations. And no formal charges have been filed against the sheriff to Chicago police. Officers are dead after they were struck by a commuter train. Officers were investigating a report of shots fired cities far south side when they are hit by metro train. Chicago police superintendent Eddie Johnson. The officers as Edouardo marmolejo and Conrad Gerry both were relatively new to the forest with marmolejo being there two and a half years in Gary with only eighteen months of experience NBC's Ryan peers, the star of the reality show wicked tuna is dead. William Hathaway was killed when his truck crashed into a ditch over the weekend in Maryland. The thirty six year old Hathaway was a crew member on the foolish pleasure. Which was featured on the National Geographic channel's wicked tuna Outer Banks, the top US government medical leader is urging action to curb use of e cigarettes among teenagers. Cigarettes are not harmless says the US surgeon general Dr Jerome Adams calling use among young people an epidemic in a public health advisory. He urges parents, teachers community groups and governments to educate and warn kids. A nicotine in e cigs can be addictive and harm young brains, which developed to about age twenty-five affecting learning attention and memory. Six. WTVN sports. Draymond Jones says they'll play in the Rose Bowl before going to the NFL OSU's junior defensive end declaring APRIL's NFL draft on Wednesday Jones with eight and a half sacks and two defensive touchdowns on the season Buckeye, six and a half point favorites over Washington in the Rose Bowl on January. First in the NHL, the blue jackets host, the Los Angeles Kings tonight at seven CJ looked to rebound from Tuesday's three to two loss to the Canucks jackets on a three game home ice losing streak, but still second in the metropolitan division with thirty four points in the NBA. The Cavaliers beat the next one thirteen one. Oh, six in Cleveland, Jordan Clarkson, with twenty eight points off the bench to lead the Cavs NFL Thursday night football, the chiefs host the.

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