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Pretty tough delays. About a half an hour now for train 7500 on the Framingham Wooster commuter rail line. Laurie Grandi WBC's traffic on the three Let's take a look at the four day WBZ AKI Weather forecast Now here's meteorologist Dean DeVore. All right group going to be a sun glare. Start this morning or ah solar glare is Laurie likes to say so. Make sure you grab the sunglasses, you know, also need to grab that heavy your code again. It's cold at the real feels teens in your 20 at best this afternoon there in the single digits right now, Mainly clear down to the low twenties tonight, Slowly increasing clouds tomorrow a cold afternoon 32 34. And then that snow arrives tomorrow evening continues at times in the Wednesday, I think near the Coast City included some mixing of rain or sleet. Couple of inches of snow likely, especially in grassy surfaces. During the day near the city, it could be more impactful. The farther inland you go Wednesday's high in the low to mid thirties and then Thursday, so can't rule out some snow showers. There's a second system passes by to our South Jeff. Hi 35. Then he gets colder again. Highs will be back in the twenties, says we go Friday into Saturday. We'll keep an eye. Look the confidence in all of this for this midweek storm or late tomorrow and Wednesday is still not great. In terms of we got it all worked out right, So just keep checking in right here with the BBC. Boston's news radio right now couldn't be better. Well could be warmer. It's cold 20 degrees. Clear skies. At sunrise here in Boston. Good morning. 6 56 on a Monday the tax man is lurking tax season is about to get started in this year is going to be a lot different than most after millions of Americans get.

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