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On LA Garcetti says the region has about a million illegal immigrants he says a planted Forsman operation Sunday against those with final deportation orders would break up families a child who is a US citizen suddenly comes home and mom's missing or dad's missing think of what that does to all of us we pay for that that child may not graduate from high school we're gonna have to carry the cost of United States citizen who grows up without a parent he's encouraged illegal immigrants to go to public spaces to avoid ice agents the feds say they're targeting two thousand people across the country and we're calling back KFI news let's take a look at your commute on the five it's going to be on the southbound side right twenty two that stalled semi they're still plugging up the right lane traffic jam coming off the ninety one gonna stay so as to make way past the fifty five now that's every Jeff body can't find this guy spots right injury attorney superwoman super lawyer dot com he's looking at a problem the four five dash for what should be coming out of San Fran about out all sorts of victory Boulevard the problems were circling over right now is southbound four or five before sunset on the downhill side freeway service patrol double team and what was this fall car they're hooked up they're about ready to go but again it is jammed up from victory a real quick here I want to give our friend to cal trans a little shed out here the men and women and actually do the work of the freeways so you got to be careful but they have a new new campaign going that's B. work zone alerts so see if you see the cruise ahead see the flashing lights move up or give a room and slow down please entered an accident visit superwoman super lawyer dot com Jeff Bock KFI in the sky.

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