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Called he could be gotten Friday's game about a camp that's rotten the game wasn't that great is a game but because hello mother hello father was such a big hit it was one of the biggest selling games that Christmas it was extraordinary Sherman had touched a universal nerve about the lives of parents and children that is made the song an evergreen favorite Allan Sherman's album my son the knots in nineteen sixty three hit number one and it didn't happen again in the realm of comedic music until two thousand fourteen with weird al's album mandatory fun Allen Sherman showed me that it was possible it was possible to have a career as a parody artist certainly not likely but not impossible and I had a look back to Alan as inspiration to keep on going my father never thought did any of these songs would be lasting as he wrote down he always thought they everything was disposable six months later he'd have to write ten or twelve more for the next album it's a great honor to the library would think out of millions of recordings and they only pick twenty five things a year to preserve and that this would be one of them hello moto hello fight is just an extremely well written song it's a very funny song it's iconic and it certainly deserves its reputation stop in this regard Ellen Sherman singing hello moto hello Fatah one of the twenty five audio recording selected this year for the library of Congress's national recording registry telling that story we.

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