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All right. We're back. So we get a winner today. We'll play tomorrow in the five o'clock hour, we'll give you a couple of clues. The clues might have put it over the top today. Maybe I have to back off the clues me. And so we gave them a couple of decent clues today in the three and four o'clock hour, you can listen for those. And then we'll play we have three more winners to get. Then somebody's gonna win a trip to Super Bowl fifty three. So far a hot ticket. The price of the ticket has not come down yet. Usually it's right at the end of the first week. And the question is with the pats having been there that many times is the fatigue in the Boston market. That's really the question. Obviously, the Rams fans have to come a long way. Other than that. No fan basis kind of building. And then there's the people just go to the game for the sake of the game. Six o'clock today hall of fame. Two locks. Here's what we do know Mariana was getting in Halliday's getting in. That's too. Everybody who pays close attention to this says that Ed getting in that's three and that Messina's right on the right on the doorstep and that he's probably on the right side of the doorstep. That is it if you're into the steroid guys. Or the controversial guys bonds Clemens, schilling et cetera et cetera. And so on the looks like none of them are getting it. They're all going to fall short. In queens. Hey, mike. How are you doing? Hey, what's up? What's happening? Now. I wanna talk about a couple of players Kercheval ings. Hera beans, and I will allow people think Kirsch showing Tribune, but I don't think people realize Kercheval pitch for twenty years only had four years where you receive Cy Young vote. Ninety seven hundred one four I don't think that's going up. I mean, people think Jap more like a week all famous, but you know. For seven years, I've very quickly and some people can think might be whole premium. He pitched for eighteen years nine years he actually here. But that's not the only the only the only thing is who would decided that the only way you get in is by getting a Cy Young award vote that year why is that what about the postseason? What about the guy who pitches in the postseason like Curt Schilling dominates? In the postseason pitcher. He was one of the great post-season pitchers of all time. It's like skills Kirsten. Said I don't compare sports. I don't I don't compare sports. I don't wanna comparing sports in the hall of fame as we useless. I don't do it. You want to compare Messina and Jack Morris and schilling. I'll compare those guys that's fair. Harold baines? I'm sorry. Listen, nice, man. How baynes? That is not a hall of fame career. I'm sorry. You're watering down the hall of fame by putting an I'm not trying to be derogatory. It's always Harold Baines. I would've loved to have how band's career. How brains had a great career? See this is where people first of all they lose touch with this. It is not an insult to say somebody's not a hall of Famer only one percent of the players or even less than that a hall of famers. You're not knocking somebody. You know? Listen Andy Pettitte, tremendous player, Bernie Williams. Tremendous player money players wonderful players that whole favors. The hall of fame is for the guys who for Mickey Mantle looks for Willie Mays Hank Aaron. So it's four we start talking about guys on the fence. You know, what they're lucky if they get in if they get in the they're lucky they get because it's it's for the guys who there's no question about for Babe Ruth Joe DiMaggio. The names that just you know, that flow that, you know, just the names of the of the guys who that's it. There should be no debate about a hall of fame. Hall of fame is a guy who was yes, he's in. Done. Can refer junior done. Ken and Westport was okay. My giving it the NFL is trying to put parody in the league. What are the patriots doing sound successfully that others are not just they're very good? Good. They have a great coach great quarterback the same time. And they have a very good culture. And they are very good at executing game plans and close games. That's really what it is more than anything else. And it has meant that they have. They've also been fortunate that they've been in a very soft division. So that has allowed them to have a lot of games at home in the playoffs. Because their record on the road in the playoffs is not nearly as good that is enter them into the Super Bowl where their record is. Okay. They're not unbelievable. Let's be honest. The very fortunate to have a winning record the Super Bowl they easily could have losing records, but they've gotten their which is an incredible achievement. And it's because they have some wonderful talent. And more than you think unsung talent people don't realize how good element is. Elements a great player. John was. Hey, mike. How are you? Good. I don't know if you brought this game up earlier. And I know you definitely remember it. But the only non-qualified can think of and this killed me as as a huge fan was the giant playoff game where they threw the ball. And the guy dragged down the giant and the rest didn't call it. You remember that playoff game the giants to the Super Bowl, right nothing. Like this though, nothing. Even the Mike Renfro, even even the Mike Renfro miss which was one of the places that people went crazy about if you go back that far what you might not nineteen Seventy-nine Steelers and the Texans and the Houston Oilers. I mean, even that play nothing like this. This is the worst non call of all time. I mean, this is this is outrageous. The idea there's no penalty on this players almost comical. I mean, if you would put somebody in a room and said here, here's the here's what is buzz. If this is passed the defense, they would buzz ninety nine point nine nine. People who had no idea what they were doing. Franken Scotch Plains was up Frank. Hey, mike. How are you? Good. On this whole the full Ramstein. Yeah. Yesterday, making comments about the NFL I being an incompetent or incompetent. Yeah. Or or or corrupt right now. I I never I never I never called the NFL not one time. That's not what I said, you weren't listening. I never called the NF. I said people will think the official is either incompetent or corrupt. I never said. He was. Is my question. Are they the NFL process of building a billion dollar stadium for the Rams? Is the NFL in the they're not building it. I mean, you know, the guy the guy was a team is building. Right. I know, but it's being subsidized by. I.

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