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Another baseball game in the mid west cubs were today in chicago has been snowed out meaning the total of games cancelled leaguewide dude weather is up to the third twenty five cups for his basement anthony rizzo says it's time mlb considered playing fewer games he told espn one thousand chicago quote i think playing in the cold sucks in a perfect world we start to see later and play a few scheduled doubleheaders going into often as a fan you're going to a baseball game in april and it's raining snowing with threes ing rain is it really that much fun close quote no and rizzo also dropped another big one quote i think we played too much baseball close quote telly missiles right in the short answer is yes but i have to stab something this is a very long and lingering winter and i know you're going to tell me not lingering going to i knew you would say that that this is the way it is in the midwest and it's cold but it's not this cold not even chicago and listen to these things before you go nuts in the last thirty years only two thousand seven let's thirty years has had as many games already postpone for weather related factors plus we've already seen twenty two games start with temperatures below forty degrees and that is the most two thousand plus they stupidly started the season a week earlier than ever and you're right about that do it what struck me was this jackie robinson day was april fifteenth this three days that's his first game yeah not march twenty nine that's jackie for forty tents right but i think you have to factor in that is cold as it normally is it's even colder now this is an anomaly mike tony snow it's going to chicago a mate is not an anomaly it is just showed just showpiece to ticks that didn't take into account the season started a week earlier because you talked about the first two thousand seven actually this the first time ever they stupidly started the season a week right but they didn't lose as many games in the first week as i've lost in the second and third way stop it.

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