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'cause i was just thinking i'm going to be ripped to pieces. I these crazy wolf. Dogs look like a half between a mass steve and a wolf so they were like said very big. Oh my gosh. So you know when he kind of waved as it say story. I'm just basically having a heart attack. Just okay well. thanks for pulling them off basically. Oh my gosh see. I can't even take a simple walk without incident. Went to the lodge still like heart. Racing juice like another close call foul elizabeth and spoke to her and everything and explain. She's like oh my gosh. I'm so sorry to so we just put disinfected all my bite. And i don't really know how to so so. She ended up stitching shorts for me. Which is very nice patched those up straight. I've been on the road for over a year. I had very limited close and they were getting pre award down after gear on the road to stated for the date and by finally had dinner there and everything so i really wanted to go to subpoena national park and climb think is called amounts of blue. Now i'm not sure so. It was like one of the you know obviously studying what would have the highest mountains in that area so that was my plan but i'd also picked up a cold after probably my overnight stay in the cold and damp rained everything you have to listen to the last step so and so wasn't feeling great you whenever i get sick. My blood illness kicks in. So therefore some achey and swollen inflammation all everywhere right so wasn't feeling hundred percent. I've just had to crazy incidents in the mountains and also i found out that this area this national park. There is no forestry offices. Nothing so if i got lost and because i was on my own which obviously don't recommend to go hiking on your own or even though i have done quite a few teams but you know if you can go with another traveler or a guy did that do as i say not what i do at so yes i thought if i got lost on this next hike then i got no safety net at all because even when i got last last time there were. I was staying at a rangers park. So they knew. I was there and they were about sitting at a launch party the next morning if i hadn't got back which i returned to like four or five six pm so yeah and like i said the weather changes the drop of a hat crystal clear blue skies sunny. Literally a minute later. It's like foggy reading. You can't see anything. So i kinda thought you know what a lot of time in the drakensberg. I think i'm gonna give this climb a mess and at my gut said no. Always listen to your guts whether you're traveling or not especially when you're traveling so plan b was to head to buthe buthe which is a town in the c two and then from there just kinda head on my wage johannesburg so the next morning. I noticed a pickup at the cuss at the border. Because the lodge is really close to the border. So i walked over there and asked them if they can give me a ride to you know as close as possible to pitch in. They're like yeah sure so ours. Okay greats grab my bag and helped in the back of the pickup which was kind of my fairways travel actually could.

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