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Capture led to kind of odd stalemate the spanish allowed him to continue acting as emperor while he was captured in the inca continued to behave toward him as they had before woke up promise the spanish that he would provide them with vast amounts of silver gold and other treasure if they would just allow him the time to gather it it's not clear whether he intended this as gifts as show of goodwill a lot of times it's written about as him ransoming himself regardless though with this offer vast amounts of silver gold and other treasure the spanish thought it would be in their best interests to keep alive and treat him pretty well like promised now treasure meanwhile up ordered wasco and any of his remaining supporters to be killed to stop them for making their own similar deal with spain after several months during which he got reinforcements for his fighting force declared that is ransom had been paid in ordered everything that had been brought for it to be melted down this was a massive destruction of inca our work artifacts but it didn't buy freedom since the ransom had been paid there was no longer any particular reason to treat him all that well at this point he was just a prisoner the strife among wayne opoku sons also was not over two young men arrived in markelle and said that they were the sons of capac and one of them to said that he was legitimate heir perot kept this revelation secret from ottawa and he kept the two men hidden in com arca what followed was an attempt by wasco supporters to try to use perot and his fighting force to their own ends one of scars former supporters went to zero in claimed that wolpe was plotting against him including having a military force approaching markelle without really looking into that claim pizarro level becky's ation against outta wolpe he ordered a trial with the inca leaders who were income markelle as witnesses at a wall denied there was any plot going on an only afterward pizarro send anybody to investigate whether there really was.

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