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And then, then I would have both thought of this afterwards about three Klingon ships, and put them around the Romulus ships wrong episode, but it was nice and the, the model kits were pretty well picked over. So I didn't get all the ships I wanted. But I did also get the NC one seven oh, one refit. Nice and I made an Amazon purchase on needed something to put me over the price for shipping. So I got yet another power of the primary. Do you have enough for full combine her yet? Oh, I have nine of these now. Okay. Three combined. I'm may. But I was actually shooting for nine because they're just happened to be eight different head head kits for this mold on shape ways. Oh. There you go. Is her model kit for the US bozeman? I would imagine. So I think the redress out the Miranda class class Alliant. Yep. Yep. Radio was just modified Miranda by reefa eating turning upside down, right? For whatever reason for whatever reason I always liked that. And maybe it's just the maranda class had under song. The cells to they, they didn't get flip the bozeman upside down. Just just I just I just like it because Kelsey grammer is captain. That's frazier. Yeah. Anybody else? Chris goes anybody. Okay. Chris, you have first up from my Amazon list. I was enormously gifted the best season of powering, which is the first half of Dino charge disagree, but it's very good. I mean, I know most people will say RPM and I appreciate RPM for what it was at the time. But like Dino charge, especially the first half of the series, just felt like such a tight. Good production. I think people give it more credit because of what came a couple years before. It. Can you get dynamite on? I did enjoy it, though. Now you can't get dynamism. And like even the shout factory, eventually works that far back in the back Centaur catalog. I don't think they're going to be able to acquire the USA dub as bonus features shout factory was still working their way back. But the last thing they announced a couple of months ago, and we still don't have preorder sport which was five men. That sounds right worrisome. It'll be fine. I'm sure so anyway, part from that I don't know who sent me know charge episode came anonymously, but thank you. I'm going to enjoy that later so apart from that I was able to catch through various late night. Shenanigans. Some wave three siege south, so I have a brunt. Just one just one I guess what? run. I'm gonna stick with just one brunt because I don't like it as much as cog or six gun. Oh, so it's, it's fairly competent in, it's a robot mode and kind of its vehicle mode, but quake, the individual parts breakdown. Does not feel as flexible relend itself too much imagination. I'm finding as those first few weaponize, IRS. So I'm definitely not going to buy more Bruns. Maybe they do a recorder of this mold at some point. I'll get a couple of those to fill out. But I don't really I don't need to get duplicates. Like I wanted to do with cog and have done with six gun. But like you know as a standalone robot. It's fine. It could almost transform without parts forming like most of the big pieces. Stay enrolled at the same place. But you still to, you know, unpegged repegged them in a slightly different position, but it's fairly close to just being a straight up transformers Pertz forming, but it does it did get the orange cannon barrel, which was kind of an uncertainty. Some of the stock photos were showing that being changed, grave for some reason it looks dice, it feels pretty nice. I liked the shade of purple that is it photographs relatively easy? That that's always a plus in my book. Now what doesn't photograph easily without a lot of corrections is reflector or three reflectors that has shown here in the camera mode, so tuck became road? I it's very stable like I can hold it from one end and shake it doesn't come apart. It pops the part pretty easy. There's four connection points on each side. So it's, it's a very sturdy extra mode. There's zero documentation for it in the instructions. So you kind of have to work off of the pictures on the internet and kind of figuring out what to do. I kind of improvised, this when I flipped up the feet of the middle of what you're modules from the front, it looks like there's a viewfinder bump on it, and I use the extra Irish rings for, like shutter button and the control dial on the back. So this reflector camera uses all of the parts. But, like everything holds the other really, well, that tripod part is sturdy, even though is just got one little connection on the bottom, where it fits in little tiny, narrow pig on top of that, I'm gonna pull on these often quickly transform it to robot mode for demonstration like it's just folding the thing into Q basically, it's not all that complex. But good sensors instructions for it. The only rule be in the box set. Yeah, I do wonder about if there will be a box set of these at some point like maybe more toys accurate colors, they'll really dip on that Hillary really to, to and include brunt. Didn't you know, so one hundred seventy five dollars. Yeah. That's our big SEC, exclusive this year just reassure trip to con with an unaltered bronc quick, go get these from ALI'S back. Wouldn't be that hard to get to get a toy Acura reflector. All they need is a couple alternate molded parts. Yeah. Basically, they could just swap out the chest plate pieces onto them. Yeah. Yeah. In the head it wouldn't be much of anything to do that. And then make the middle reflector be like bluer purple than this. Like lavender kinda reflectors a little bit small in robot mode, as east Alexis go just a little, the massive more than made up for in the accessories. I think so you're getting basically the same plastic mass, but like next to chromium you can see. It's a little bit shorter although it, you know built a little bit thicker too. I think that works for reflector anyway. He was for trade is being overly large thing in the cartoon reflect your was noticeably shorter than most of the other deceptive common. So it does kind of work out the posibilities pretty good on this. I finally kind of missing risk swivels in it for posing with the rifle in the shield, I think that would probably help a little bit. But I really liked the way reflect your looks with the. Lens barrel shield 'cause you can you can plug it on the side of the arm, which, you know, that, that's okay. But it really looks better, when you actually have it held in the hand because you get more flexibility to get in front of the body a little bit, and look a little bit more effective as shield, and then especially it's one rifles than it, it looks more like, you know, reflect outfit with riot gear which when you're buying three of them to make a fake camera of dubious dubious legitimacy, having a theme to go with the three robots like that is kind of helpful, and I, I liked the design of this rifle to it's big and chunky and it's got the, the tripod the third of a tripod ring on the front end of it. Just it's really Saifi and cool, looking and. On the plus side with this. There's no battle damage. Deco like reflectors got totally clean deco, and in-person. The, the sculpted detail does not look like super busy. So if the defense is not really your thing necessarily, I think reflectors still going to be appealing at least to some extent. It's not, you know, super clean looking like a lot of power of the prime stuff. But it is more subdued. I think some of the more extreme examples of siege so far now, whether whether twenty dollars worth or not each and then sixty for the whole camera, that's a completely different question. But I'm insane. Oh, and also the solo alternate mode is. Ignore -able as as flying battle slabs go. I think it's better than sound waves, but rather than using it as a spaceship, or an airship or whatever intent, they have I find it works better. When you have three reflectors again, it works better with the other shoe, holding as power blaster, because they can totally do that, with the side pegs that are available. Oh, yeah. The, the iris piece here, the aperture ring, that's not on a five millimeter peg if got four millimeter post. So the only places that you can plug this in, if you don't want on the tour. So if you want to be one of the left or right reflectors, you can only put on one of the three four four millimeter posts and the only other one available in robot mode is on the butt, and since they purposely had to choose where to put these four millimeter ports someone intentionally put one there, which serves no. Oh, purpose at all any other mode. So it must simply be to plug that onto the bud least doesn't storage, at least it doesn't have a tail. I'm kind of upset that that's not a five millimeter attachment for the Irish ring though, because. When you're transforming reflector flip the head back. And there's one of those four millimeter ports on the opposite side of the neck piece, I was hoping those five millimeters. They would open up a lot of possibilities for, like shape ways heads or something, you know, just five millimeter post neck, and you could put custom heads on really easily, as well as putting the aperture ring or any of the accessory on in other places in, you know, swapping them out for each other. Unfortunately, those, those dreams have been dashed all you could still do the custom heading shape as you just need a different size neck peg. Yeah. I think that's all I enjoying reflector a lot more than brunt, which is good Zeiss spent three times as much on the set of them. Yeah. Now is up run. Do you think that's going to be the mold made of impacter? No, we already know that's not the case because we've seen impact or impact on weapons. No. Tank or I guess you could squeeze a tank or out of this. I mean, it would be the most accurate thing in the w comics the like from around two thousand five thousand six like the early days, the robot mode for brunt is based on the design from that, which I think was done figura. You know, it was a century droid on cyber Tron. It was basically the same shape and appearance robot. But it was like silver. So probably a recall of this word who exists at some point, they'd probably go for that instead and basically just released transforming. Silence. Okay. I mean, the, the Bronx head ready kind of like a centurion Ceylon. So it's not really a far stretch. Do you think them forcing forcing the mole to be Brun is count on? Why you don't why he doesn't seem to be as natural of a match to the mold as six gun and cog were that they were trying to get that one more use out of it. And it was just too much of a stretch. Well, bronc didn't have a robot mode before. Did he this, you know, this is? Oh, original concept. So I wouldn't say to really like forcing it onto it. I did find it funny thinking about, you know, brunches trip to cons a little tank, buddy. And this looks like it turns into a tank that would be fighting Godzilla such as trip to con-, interesting pairing.

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