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Nine. I'm chief meteorologist Top terrorist still have some light participant precipitation right over downtown Orlando a little bit heavier rain around asked to Tula that's really about it. Now everything is pushed off to the coast. Even on the coast. It's looking a heck of a lot better. That's good news. Now you're safe touch security, triple team traffic. I for eastbound. So with the turnpike, John Young to O B, T and Princeton to leave West Mandalay's Fairbanks to Colonial from the beach line Passenger Florida Parkway past Disney and 1 92 past the 4 29. Lake County of the Turnpike south on past Handcock rode get a crash on the left lane also have a crash on Golden Rod. Southbound at university South bound Lanes shutdown. During these challenging times. You can still count on protect air conditioning and plumbing service to keep you comfortable. Year round Give protect a call it for 7 to 911644. Or visit protect a c dot com with traffic alerts every six minutes in the morning. We're helping you get to work on time from the Wdbo Triple team Traffic Center. I'm Jackie O Brien. Time is running out. If you have not registered for the free knee pain seminar coming up tomorrow, you need to do it right now. Dr. Troy Yeomans is going to host another free in person seminar. Happening tomorrow morning, right in the Winter Park Office of Phoenix Integrated Medical Center there, right. Only road there conveniently located off of I For if you are tired of living with knee pain, and I'm sure you are, If you've been told you need surgery or your bone on bone, and you haven't.

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