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And when ross more arrived at the home of his brother's family he shouted and he knocked he attempted to peer into the house through the windows but they were covered and he got neither reaction nor information like he couldn't there was nothing so eventually he went through his keys until he found the one that unlock the door like he had a copy of their key but it took him a little while to sort out which when it was mary peckham was there with ross more but she didn't venture passed the porch and into the house the surviving more brother didn't go past the second room of the house he opened the door to the bedroom are off the parlor and he immediately saw the bodies of two children on the bed as well as an enormous amount of blood he went back to the porch ends hold mary pack them to call the police yeah and this is a very small i mean by today's standard home so the bottom floor was only three rooms it was like a parlor the front room this small bedroom and a kitchen so after they raised an alert us city marshall hank horton responded he quickly arrived on the scene and his investigation of the house revealed that in addition to the two bodies ross more had seen the young still injured sisters there were six more bodies upstairs the entire more family in their guests had been killed in their beds blues about nine in the morning when the county coroner finally got there and took a look at the situation he later reviewed his findings with the sheriff in the marshall and then he called a coroner's jerry to the home so once word spread of what had happened uh in a small community these things do spread rather quickly many townspeople made their way to the scene in this ended up being a real problem we've talked about similar things happening before with crime scene so.

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