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Twenty nineteen season comes to an end with a thirty five sixteen loss to Alabama on new year's day the verbose citrus bowl welcome back in one final time Brian bush with you and it was certainly a season with some incredible highs and some disappointing lows for the Wolverines and come to an end at nine and four with Michigan falling here today to Alabama a lot of excitement getting ready for twenty twenty you heard John Jansen talking about it the opener on the road at Washington I have a new head coach with Chris Peterson stepping down then for consecutive home games ball state Arkansas state and then how about these two to kick off big ten play Wisconsin and Penn state before road trips to Michigan state and Minnesota on October tenth and seventeenth so really big time games you look at that early stage of the season five of the first seven really jump off the page and it'll be a lot of fun coming up in twenty twenty we hope you stay tuned to M. go blue dot com for plenty of all season coverage and of course John Janssens podcast in the trenches we'll continue to have episodes all season long we'll begin joint is also on many of the same stations for Michigan basketball and the next game coming up is at Michigan state on Sunday our coverage will begin on many of the same stations at one o'clock so you can join Terry mills in me for all of that excitement and again Michigan Michigan state not much more needs to be said plenty thank yous to go out here as we conclude our final football broadcast of the academic season to the play by play voice Jim Branstetter is outstanding color analyst Dan dear to our our sideline reporter Doug car she's a great job with pre game with the sideline working with our post game interviews I John Jansen and no one is more passionate about this university in this program then him Tony Butler he is fantastic to so much behind the scenes for us and some of his crew members throughout the season Kenny Tucker Paul Roy we thank all of those folks for their hard work we had plenty spotters and statisticians throughout the year guys like Bob Ross sick bright curly we appreciate all of their hard work throughout the season and also to our our Learfield IMG college representatives in Ann Arbor Ron Melnick and his team for all the great work that they do and for everybody in studio including David Kahn here today still Brehm and others who have done great work throughout the season to get us on and off the airwaves for Michigan football that's good news for me Brian bush appear the final a final time Alabama thirty five Michigan sixteen in the verbal citrus bowl until Sunday for Michigan Michigan state on the hard wood thank you so much for listening to this post game show which is brought to you by the metro Detroit Buick GMC dealers you're listening to Michigan football right here from Learfield IMG college.

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