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You gotta it's gotta be cool. Don't you see sleep better when it's cool better you. Actually you fall asleep. Fine if you're warm you won't stay asleep really well. Body temperature drops. It's good to have it like between seventeen and nineteen and a lotta people. If find that it's really hot. They're not gonna be able to sleep or they sweat and then they're waking up in. Your blankets are off and on and they're really comfortable mattresses. We have one for my dog. Yeah so it came with a waffle came with a waffle. Nice little off chew toy. Anxiety videos There are videos on everything including Getting a better night's sleep right is asleep in here. Sleep says conflict shares the little baby one sleep only. That's the baby at the sleep you've always dreamt of. Oh yeah and the nice thing is that it's like our whenever we deal with people that are that have insomnia. They come in and they can't sleep we. These are the things that i would say in my session to to help them get their on tracking track and at the stuff that so we kind of you know sleep is important and we spent like you know thirty percent of our life on a mattress or depending on your sleep habits maybe more maybe levels all sleeping but yeah yeah i agree you well actually. That's the big problem for me. A lot of time spent on the mattress. I'm not sleeping. And i wish i were sleeping. So wide awake looking at the ceiling. no fun you and renee richie. Doing a great new podcast called talk. Wanna get everybody. Subscribe to that because brenes got the brains but you've got the heart. It's a lot of fun. We haven't done a podcast in a really long time together and so we're really excited. Can i give a little plug to my friend. Who just started a new service for people that want to kind of get live with technology but not be engulfed with technology. It's called navigate. It's christina krook with navigate. And it's this wonderful site. I think that it's it's navigate christina krook and It's just this wonderful site that you can subscribe. And she sends things to help. You live a more peaceful happy life and not be kind of sucked into technology but enjoy it along with still connecting and. I think that we really do need people to be able to connect with each other. So i'm really excited for her. So check that out. And you don't have to ditch your phone okay. no no. it's how you can live with both. You can still watch this. Podcast should also have a more full rich life with sympathetic again up in the morning and the first thing i have to do is go to my animal crossing island and make sure there's no weeds and find all the fossils and shake all the trees and then an hour later i get out of bed. I bring my laptop to the breakfast table. And i sit down and look for news for i. Don't i'm with in front of a screen all the free time so someone to get that for you subscribe balancing. Did you play it ever. I did play animal crossing. Yeah on my favorite thing was just getting the different animals does. That was everything. I could get sucked into that. I don't know what it is. It's the simpsons tapped out before that it was we rule before that was far. There's something about arming. It's so it's so peaceful today to us to want to hunt gather accumulate. Yeah yeah that's the people that did that. That are survived right. Anson grasshoppers you get. Make good money if you raise pumpkins in animal crossing so basically took over the whole island with pumpkins. it's not good for the residents teaches a little bit about capitalism. It makes you understand the machine Yeah screw the residents growing pumpkins right pretty soon. He'll by the pumpkins and then you'll be sorry all right. Let's talk. I wanna actually. This is a big story. And i'm sure that jason 'cause you cover media With a lot of the shows is something you've been kind of aware of. Let's go back in time. The trump administration fought it for a couple of years. But at and t. One two by warner media and boy. This was a big acquisition more than one hundred billion dollars and they finally got through The trump administration tried to slow it down. Eventually judge was convinced by a t and t that nothing bad will happen. So this is this is following. Comcast buying nbc universal. This i mean this has been what's happened is that viacom buying. Cbs as these channels the distributors of delivery companies the streamers by content up and. They're just all vying. Eventually everything will be owned by verizon. At and t. Comcast the big. Isp's so they bought warner brothers. They got hbo. They got turner. They got all sorts of things. Like dc comics Which by the way. The first thing they did was kill mad magazine. Are you gonna. It's such a bummer. Just makes me mad but such now Then the next thing that happens. Is that richard pepper. Who's in charge of. Hbo and actually considered widely considered to be a brilliant movie. Executive gets forced out by. At and t.'s Eventually became ceo. John stinky and i remember a couple of years ago when stank he said and i was i felt a little chill my spine. Hbo needs to be more like net flicks. That's in effect. What's happened yeah. I loved him in the little rascals by the way staying stinky. Here's my favorite the hair. That stuck up right. Yeah everybody is afraid of netflix's power right. Everybody entertainment entertainment industry. And they all want their own netflix's they won't want to be their own networks and everybody took a different path to it so like disney took their path to it with disney plus and what they wanted to do is warn media driven by. At and t. They wanted to create something where they could pour all of the resources into their own premium streaming service and so they they took. Hbo which was probably their best property. Honestly their best brand but they said we can't be. Hbo anymore you need to be net flicks and that led to an exodus of hbo executives. Out apple player. The plan is doing his stuff for apple tv. Plus yeah actually. I would say maybe the streaming service most like classic. Hbo and that they're focused on originals. And meanwhile hbo max now like they are trying to be net flicks and jason killer. Who is a guy who was the founder of hulu basically is running it and you know they're playing a different game and now with the stress whom were about to talk about. They've got some content. That's really interesting in may actually motivate people to sign up for the service which apparently so far most of the people who actually are eligible to get hbo. Max have just bothered to sign up for it. So in classic antitrust theory the way it works is a company becomes bigger and bigger pushes out all the competition and one way they do. It is by undercutting competition selling below cost so forth until the competition is gone. They control everything and then they raise prices Through the roof. I think this is exactly what's happening. Warner brothers has announced that starting in two thousand and twenty one. I don't. I don't think it's going to end. But they're gonna release all their new movies both on. Hbo max and in theaters they'll be on hbo. Max for a period of a month. They gave the theater. Companies one hour notice of this and distributors like amc and regal. Who are this close to going bankrupt anyway. Thanks to covid. Nineteen are freaked out. It is going to be a huge threat to the future of motion picture theaters. Yeah for sure for sure. It's starting christmas day right because it's with wonder woman wonder woman before and then going on and there'll be a one month window where those will be playing not just in theaters on an hbo. Max and then after a month it will go to online sales and rental links. Not for twenty bucks free on. Hbo max yes and if you by the way if you get hbo with your cable company you probably can get hbo maximum free. You just sign up. Yeah so so about a lot of people have if your movie theater.

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