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My God. Yeah, Donna, it's Tim Conway. You guys also okay? Sorry. This is a slight aside, but I have to talk about it. So do you remember when they staged little house on the prairie? The musical the Guthrie here, Billy. I did too. And Melissa Gilbert played, ma. Do you remember that? Yes. So Melissa Gilbert, who played the role of Laura played Ma in the Little House on the Prairie. The musical There is a press picture of Melissa Gilbert in one of these Hot little house on the prairie gossip. And when you see it, you will say to yourself. Didn't market cheek implants. Well, yeah, it's the same thing with Nicole Kidman about to play Lucille Ball the entire time. You're gonna be like I didn't know Lucille Ball had that much. Bo Tom. Yes, It's very Yeah. Hey, this is totally off topic like it's Friday and we do what we want, but I wanted to bring your attention to something you probably have already seen. But did you have you watched the little house on the Prairie Special from PBS? No, I have not yet. So I think you should because I thought I found it to be very eye opening and I am not. As Success. What's going on with Holly over there? Please didn't even notice her until just now literally melting down anyway, it's on PBS. You can watch it on the website. I believe because I did last week and Actually learned a lot like there and and here's the other thing. They approach it in a very Historically thought full and accurate way because there's some like real problems. Yeah, with not just little house on the prairie, but with Laura Ingalls Wilder and yeah, but they did a good job, and I think it was I don't know. Was it in some way connected here? Little house on the prairie. Yeah, like I feel like there was some moment grow connection, but in the production, I don't know. Anyway. How is there anything you'd like to share with the group? She's going deep on the dope, apple dumpling gang. Really? Yeah. That Tim Conway. No, it's completely unrelated. And I'll have to share it with you in the break. Okay. Well, when we come back, I'm calling And Bradley show will know something that you don't know my God room. You know, when we come back, though, we do We did. Finish talking about Armey, Hammer and Truth be told, at the beginning of the show When we were talking about Armey Hammer, we really had not dug as deeply as we should have. We have more Armey hammer information that we want to Share with you when we come back on the Colleen and Bradley showing my talk one of 71 nothing but good times.

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