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That was. Yeah. I mean, we literally talked to Sean probably every single week for two hours for tenure straight. It was really nice to just have him on to be able to talk about what's up. We, you know, coming off the crown jewel the movies St. the movie, it was it's always great to talk to Sean and catch up, and like he said anytime that I or you or both of us go to an event. Now, we always find each other find a couch just go sit down and talk for about an hour before. All we're still on the road. Right when chunk. Yeah. Back, and you know, you, and I would always kind of sneak away and find a little room, and he would always you guys had your own Romo. I'll be back and he'd go get his pick. End that you know, that kind of relationship with that that we just, you know, enjoyed each other's company and hanging out and talking well end, what's really nice too. Is you know, as much as he had said, you know, the older generation kept their their cards to themselves, and that's true. But he also mentioned Nick Bach winkle giving him advice Patterson, and and those great minds and those great talents did because they were confident in their ability, and and didn't protect it. And now he's carrying that on. And I do feel that from a generational standpoint. This generation or our generation is is is open to that. And wanting to really just hey, he wanted vice great here, here's some and it's exciting. I know even you know, both of us being down that we talked about how exciting it was to sit in with them. And just kind of see how wide open every. Is to try try stuff, and listen and make it thrown. Oh, I'm back. This is post and next week at is that you know, this right now. Oh, who Flemish they my gut over gained O'Brien on himself, Mr. small package haw specimen special message for next week. But who he's going thirty goals? I guess I guess he's not happy that that Dana Brian is comb, so Mr. small package that was like a random small package that you know, drive by. Yeah. He just came in hit one small package and left. He didn't hold it for for days. They were talking earlier but road work. I think it's going to put the road work in. Yeah. Oh, there you go. Okay. All right. What was pretty solid affair here. For the for the first up so bad. It was. Yeah. Yeah. I pod back new home. Hope everybody's on board. And and having fun with us again that we should probably think west road one team w said Westworld like the TV show didn't like I did early. We need to think Westwood One team who know for helping with the show's relaunch Kelley Hurley with Floyd and Kurt hemming in Culver city, Robert mothers, and Tim CBN in New York City and Eric wiler in Denver. So thanks you guys for for helping us out and getting us back on the airwaves. Brother wouldn't Debbie WTN? OB WW dub dub who know. Who knows one Westwood One? Okay. I see I thought I was going for the WW thing, you know. Remember, it is subscribing apple podcast, Google podcast bought a fi tune in Stitcher, or however, you listen your podcast..

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