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I'm sherry Glaser on the next morning edition the house of representatives has delivered to the Senate the articles of impeachment against president trump laying the groundwork for a trial you'll hear from a constitutional law expert about how that trial will work plus the White House is throwing its weight behind the issue of prayer in schools and what scientists are hoping to learn from a group of mice who returned after living more than a month on board the international space station that's on the next morning edition here on KCRW KCRW sponsors include S. T. X. films presenting the gentleman and action comedy directed by guy Ritchie starring Matthew McConaughey Charlie Hunnam Henry Golding Michelle Dockery with Colin Farrell and Hugh grant in theaters everywhere January twenty fourth it is five forty nine here K. C. R. W. up ahead this hour on All Things Considered director Bartlett sheer is known for having twist to classic American musicals and plays his My Fair Lady fiddler on the roof and to kill a mockingbird are or will soon be anyway on national tour more about that coming up next our house speaker Nancy Pelosi as you may have been hearing has transmitted the articles of impeachment to the Senate today she also announced the members of Congress who will serve as impeachment managers more on who they are and what their role will be during the trial expected to start next Tuesday checking your roads now on this Wednesday evening downtown LA the west down ten at Matteo there's a crash blocking the block in the center lane there in traffic is slow coming away from the five also downtown LA on with that one ten before the ten there's a scroll a tall car that stalled in the center lane and in Sherman oaks the south a one a one past four or five stole car being moved over to the right shoulder right now fifty seven degrees in Santa Monica it is five fifty from NPR news it's All Things Considered I'm Audie Cornish and I'm ari Shapiro last year was the second hottest ever recorded it's the latest scientific confirmation that the planet is getting steadily hotter and NPR's Rebecca Herschel reports of this fact is more and more obvious to humans going about their daily lives twenty nineteen was the second hottest year on record according to the latest data released by the national oceanic and atmospheric administration and NASA records go back more than a century so twenty nineteen is the second hottest twenty sixteen was the hottest and the third hottest was twenty fifteen Gavin Schmidt is the director of NASA's Goddard institute for space studies the fact is the planet is warming and every year we add one extra data points to this golf the main thing here is is not really the ranking but is the consistency of the long term trends that we see the long term trend goes back decades the twenty ten for the hottest decade ever before that the two thousands have that title and so on the earth is getting steadily hotter every decade today the planet is about one degree Celsius warmer than it was in the mid twentieth century a twenty eighteen report by the United Nations intergovernmental panel on climate change warned that warming of one point five degrees Celsius would be catastrophic for millions of people the woman who up until now so you know since nineteen seventies has been quite close to many are if you kind of extrapolate that Ford you would imagine that we would cost one point five in around twenty thirty five but of course that depends on what we do with emissions human emissions of greenhouse gases are the overwhelming driver of global warming and right now global emissions are rising the US has omitted the most total CO two of any country the data released today also illustrate how different regions are being affected the arctic is warming three times faster than the rest of the planet hot ocean water helped power dangerous cyclones and disrupt good fisheries in the continental US rain patterns are changing geek aren't works on forecasting at Noah he says hotter temperatures are making droughts more severe warmer atmosphere is a thirst your atmosphere sucking up moisture and then dumping rain all at once we're seeing the largest events getting larger that means more flood risk for example in twenty nineteen big rainfall events drove record breaking floods along the Mississippi River and its tributaries.

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