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Live from npr news. i'm lakshmi singh residents across louisiana. Could be facing weeks of cleanup and in some places zero electricity meaning no air conditioning under sweltering temperatures. There's also widespread flooding. After hurricane ida blew ashore. Sunday governor john. Bel edwards has been assessing recovery operations. This form was every bit as advertised. and and the damage that we have seen here and that they're dealing with is is is just catastrophic at least four people in louisiana and mississippi died as a result of the storm for the first time. india has confirmed it is talking with the taliban. The indian government says its ambassador to cut our met today with a top taliban official there. npr's laura fair reports from mumbai india's actually believed to have set up back channels of communication with the taliban months ago but officials never confirmed it. Now the indian government is announced. Its ambassador in. Doha met today with the head of the taliban's political office. The government says the indian ambassador urged the taliban not to allow afghanistan to be used for terrorism. The taliban official involved is sher muhammad abbass stanikzai. Who attended a military academy in india in the nineteen eighties. Last weekend's the taliban shared video of him saying india is very important and that the taliban hopes to maintain ties and trade like the us india to pour billions into building democracy in afghanistan but closed its embassy when the taliban took kabul earlier this month. Lauren fryer npr news. Mumbai announcement coming hours after the us formally ended its twenty year long mission in afghanistan. A nearly two year long legal battle may be drawing to a close over the trump administration's twenty twenty cents this documents. Npr's hansie lo long reports on a congressional battle to obtain evidence into the last administration's failed attempt to add a citizenship question to the us census supreme court blocked the trump administration from using the census directly ask for the us citizenship status of every person living in every household the court found administrations reason for citizenship question appear to be contrived democrats on the house oversight and reform committee. Say they've been trying to find out. Exactly what was driving trump officials but the previous administration refused to comply with subpoenas for unredacted emails. The bite administration has agreed to allow lawmakers to look at some of those documents and could lead to the end of this lawsuit by late october on. Npr news new york like richards. The embattled jeopardy and wheel of fortune executive producer is out according to a statement from saudi news of the departure coming after richards made headlines when he was named the new host of jeopardy posts that quickly was reversed after controversial past. Statements came to light. The dow jones industrial average is down seven points at thirty five thousand three hundred ninety one. This is npr news. The governor of virginia has posthumously. Pardoned seven black men seven decades after they were executed for the rape of white woman. The men's descendants and advocates argue the martinsville seven as they were known were denied fair trials because of their race and the punishment. The electric chair was he say extreme at the time rape was a capital offence in march virginia abolished the death penalty. Israel has announced new measures to help palestinians in the occupied west bank as npr's daniel estrin reports from jerusalem. The move follows a request from president. Joe biden israel says it won't hold peace talks but defense minister. Benny gone says israel will loan the palestinian authority more than one hundred and fifty million dollars to help it through a financial crisis grant residency rights to thousands of undocumented palestinians for the first time in more than a decade and will grant palestinians more work and building permits. Guns agreed to those steps in a meeting with palestinian authority. President mahmoud abbas the highest level meeting between the two sides since twenty ten the biden administration says it wants israel to improve palestinians lives and economy and not quote contribute to a sense of unfairness daniel estrin. Npr news jerusalem. Now home prices in the us. Which has risen to their highest level on record the snp core logic as or home price index increased nineteen point one percent in june compared with a year earlier the annual price gains rose from may to june in all twenty cities that were surveyed record highs in all but one chicago. This is npr..

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