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Horses like bells one -sconsin even four grace's who's greatest stakes winner last year And bellsa one got her first win. Since winning the derby city distaff at churchill downs last september An interesting thing about bells. The one in here is the past couple of races. She'd been very heavily bet This race she went off is the third choice. -sconsin was a favourite. Four races was a second choice. She went off at third choice money up but she definitely got what she needed for the first time in a while in this race and she's very paste depend any person who watched her her raising the reasons she wins. We'll tell you that about bells the one The reason she won the derby distaff slashers. Because sarah getty empress got cooked on the front end in very very narrowly won that race over seren. Getty empress some people you know. We'll we'll make the case area. The empress was the best. I would certainly agree with that sentiment. But that's beside the point bellsa one We know what kind of where she is. She is limited in what she can do if she gets a pace She can win whatever race. You think of her being able to win but if she doesn't get that pace like what happened in the derby city distaff this year. She didn't get the pace lot of people thought she was going to close. She was what everybody was betting. Aside from camin didn't quite happen for her so that that's what is going to be the case for her the make or break if she gets that pace than you can writer down as a as a horse to to to take seriously in some of these greatest six races if she's not getting the pace look elsewhere. The that that's really what the story is with bellsa. One in this was this was a strong race. I think you know it's easy to say. That was the one most talented but -sconsin Strong race in second beaten less than a link and we know wisconsin is. We've seen her put on performances in the past jack jack best there. Those are those one. -sconsin is to. I finally smaller effect. But he's pasted depended as well but it was really good performances from both of them. They're gonna. I'm asking how back right back integrated state competition in a to to run good races. I really like both of these. They're both these female racehorses wanna marijuana philly but they they just put on strong performances every time even though it doesn't.

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