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Celtics in action tonight against the chicago bulls apparently no one is left play on the roster based on what keith told me during trending now play offs not far down the road and who better to talk about the nba and the celtics and the playoffs and everything else then our friend jackie macmullan have you been my dear i'm doing fine except you gotta make me feel better because as a celtics fan i'm not feeling so good about their prospects going into these playoffs yeah well i guess it all depends what your longview was for this year though jackie can they win a first round series and i guess they have one of three possible opponents in miami washington or milwaukee is there one you think we should be kinda hoping they get all the way things are going right now for the wizards i'd be hoping for the wizards i don't know if you saw that game last night you may not have they just absolutely blew the game against the cleveland cavaliers they're they've lost i think seven of their last ten they're they're going the wrong way even with john wall back they they you know john wall made like three horrible plays in the final minutes there the bucks scare me because jaanus is just you know he's the real deal they they they scare me that team the heat is is there a lot like the celtics in that they they kinda funky team great coachie matchup that would be the best coachie matchup for sure eric's bolster to me is one of the most underrated coaches in the league on whiteside if you're relying on him to win a game for you i don't like your chances but i i liked rogers it's a lot they have they can go small it'd be it would be a great chess match if they played that team but i you're asking me right now bring on the wizards danny ainge is kyrie irvings injury history a concern in the past and should it be a concern going forward well thought what was interesting that came out of this yesterday dale was that so the the idea.

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