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Boom. Just like that, baby, right? Right. So then I tried to do it and I got 20 likes that was that it didn't even work. I know I'm trying to drive my own Internet bomb. And I even said what I got look another like, so I'm gonna get I don't get any of you get any. Here. They are accepting their word for best pop eyes. His best pop their song on Thank you so much for best pop video movie over here through the order of things. Who Where'd we get this audio from with someone like physically table with the tape recorder off writing, okay? That's what it sounds like anyway. On there was a Tri Con award last night Gaga won that which is another made up award. I've never even heard of it against the Tri con you represented among three different platforms like her acting. Her singing activism is well, Gaga said she Failed multiple attempts, is a musician, an actress and noted how philanthropy has become a big part of a career Today go so those two masts Oh, man, every every Alpha had different mask. Gagan Arianna Bunch of awards last night, up to 90% of people who tested positive for the Corona virus carried barely any traces of the virus. This is, according to research released over the weekend. It's looked at people in Massachusetts, New York in Nevada, who tested positive in July, they signed up to 90% carried barely any traces of the virus, not enough to even affect anybody else. The researchers say. That's because today's tests are too sensitive. I don't know what that means, but they were saying Friday now There was there was what was it that we were all wrong about that everybody should get tested if they had been I don't want to. I don't want to misquote it. But there was information Friday about how we were wrong about something. I think every day we're learning like one thing's right. One thing's wrong. We don't know anything all the time. We don't know anything about this. I also read this morning that the last And this is a course from WC on the interview somebody the last bomb vaccine. It took four years to get approved The last vaccine four years. Wow. And so if See, I mean, I mean the book. But when was the last vaccine for a global pants? But there's never been anything like this, so there's going to be around four years, even if they expedited I mean, is it Is it middle of next year beginning of next year end of next year? Ah, United is taking a big step to win back customers during the Corona virus pandemic, The airline is permanently Scrapping its $200 ticket change fee for domestic flights. Experts point out that it to move out of the Southwest playbook as they don't charge customers to change their flights. What gives the covert 19 pandemic? Has seen a major downturn in business, according to reports. Screenings are at 30% of last year's levels. So yeah, don't charge me if I try and move my stuff, and we haven't done one of these in a while, but new mutants The top movie in the US as more theaters continue to open it made $7 million on hinged fell. The 2nd 2.60 SpongeBob movie, $604,000 Bill and Ted's three Do It does not appear to have made the top five unhinged SpongeBob. The personal history of David Copperfield made $520,000 and words on bathroom walls made 453 dozen. I could have made a movie pre pandemic and made $453,000. It's not on there because it was on the man and in theaters not in theaters are watching. So these are the only ones with only Yeah, that's that's why they're on demand. And that's why the numbers are so low and that you could only have like what temper 20% capacity. Still, I mean, if I if I had made a movie because you know they make movies in, they'll wrap him like A year before form or before they come out. I would be like, you know what? Don't put it out like, wait because I'm not going to make any money like if if I'm an actor, and I'm getting paid residuals, and they get this movie in the can, and you're gonna put it out now and in the movie would have made you know $30 million on opening weekend Now make seven and I get a cut. I'd be like, just hold onto it. Roll it out later. Or I beg him to put it on demand, You know, because that's the only way I'm going to make any real money spent on those budgets from some of those movies, too. They're not gonna make any of that bad. No National South Carolina Day National Matchmaker Day today and National Trail Mix day today we'll do blog's at 1000 Bucks Night, right, Angie? Traffic traffic responsible. I discover Cruise and Harvey have paged you haven't closed 142 or 48th for a house fire. Also, if you're travelling on the Eisenhower, outbound is 25 or 37. After all, 3 90 40 back in from our 3 90. Sometimes food.

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