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You wanna watch a movie would you rather watch it at home or in a movie theater how about another option watching that film on your smartphone but not all that one's rather in one ten minutes snippet a day that's jeffrey free katzenberg thinking behind his short form mobile video platform currently in the works it's called quimby in the name of short quick bites there's still a lot of questions about how it all work before its launch next year but so far quimby has been able raised more than a billion dollars in drawing some top creative talent laying low way senior tv writer at variety has been looking into what ob excitement is about quitting doesn't launch for almost another year actually it'll come out in april twenty twenty twenty but i think the reason why everybody is so hyped up about it is because you've got to story leaders one from tech meg whitman former e b and hewlett packard ceo and this giant of industry jeffrey katzenberg who was at one time the head of dreamworks and walt disney studios and he's really the reason why people are so excited about it right people are excited about it because he's excited about it people believe in because he believed in it he's been selling the service as eight mobile platform that allows these quick bites which is what could be a short for short form content that'll have premium serialized scripted content unscripted content news news and sports and it'll be released in these five to ten minute chunks daily andy idea is that when you're waiting for coffee or you have a dull moment in your day those times when you're whipping out your phone and you're looking at twitter or facebook or something else and you're just putting around phone instead of doing that you'll go quickly and you'll watch five minutes of a sand rainy horror anthology or ten minutes of an anna kendrick buddy comedy instead so he has raised i think more then a billion dollars to fund this and right now it seems like he has attracted some really interesting talent to make content frequency i was in a van a couple of weeks ago where i ran into antwon fuqua who were a lot of people know from the training day movie he's also made the equalizer with denzel washington and he was producing a movie frequency and he was telling me that it was very attractive even though i think this movie was gonna be caught up into ten minute chunks what is jeffries pitch been to the creative community would be paid responding to well a big part of the appeal for creators is he intellectual property because the way it's format it would be will exclusively license their projects for seven years but after the first two years be rights revert back to beans creators and filmmaker so they'll be able to go and repackage this series they'll be able to hopefully seamlessly thread together all of these five to ten minute chunks of these stories and repackage package them as a feature film as a two and a half hour project but they could then go sell to another service so that's really attractive thing and also again there's just see appeal of katzenberg himself because he has been so successful in this industry i mean an wants so i told me that sitting down with jeffrey katzenberg is like sitting down with the godfather yeah although if you look at some of the movies he made at the walt disney company and some of his animated movies there are some questions about jeffrey storytelling taste will save that conversation for something what is the financial model because a lot of people right now are thinking about disconnecting subscriptions that they might have to their cable or satellite company or who were netflix so how are they trying to position it financially and what do they expect you people so they'll be selling two versions of quip me they'll be ad supported version for five dollars a month and any ad free version for seven dollars a month and it sounds like a small amounts but you also consider that people are i don't know if they're near saturation but there are certainly so many different streaming platforms out there you've got netflix and amazon and who and all of these different subscription services that people are already paying for so that even when you cut the cord you've got sometimes a hefty bill at the end of the month when you combine all these so that'll be a real test will be deceived they can break through that barrier and get people to fork over five to seven bucks a month for this of of course they're bringing some real alias talent and that's where their strength wli again you've got a project from kia motors del toro don cheadle liam hemsworth a you know tyra banks chrissy teagan and you know i think the other question here is also whether there will be on de creator side resale value for them after they were allowed to take their project off of quickly or after they're allowed to repackage their project from could be and sell it to a different platform so if there are detractors in town or at least doubters what would you say is a consistent question that they have about quickly what is gonna be the obstacles to its success there are a couple of different questions that came up in are reporting one of them is do people want this model people were still used to benching on tv these days when you're going to netflix their whole thing is the bench model and it's this also isn't appointment tv it's sort sort of a a daily thing that comes on five ten minutes a day but what if i want to watch the whole movie so in that case do i just wait for a month for all of these daily releases it come on the service and then say binge watch them all anyway on a saturday afternoon a so that's definitely a very unique model that hasn't really been done before another question that people have is people are so used to getting something for nothing specially from a mobile device store people going to be willing to fork over five and seven bucks a month for quickey a get another question is will the viewership justify the cost there are some really high numbers that were being thrown around a believe entrances what's project is gonna cost about fifteen million dollars which is certainly more than you could say for a lot of other short for mobile video out there andy clippings model is subscriptions an ad revenue and that's how they're planning on monetize ing they're stored as a but it'll be interesting to see whether these dubs an ad revenue justify be amount that they're investing.

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