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I can't even. I mean, if you would have a problem with getting someone like general Michael Flynn or Rick grinnell or president Trump, I mean, you need to do some soul searching. These are people who have put everything on the line for their country. They took great risks and these are the people you want endorsements from. So if there are people out there who would have a problem with those endorsements, they're not people I would really want to associate with in the conservative movement. They probably rhinos if you ask me. She tells it how she sees it and that's why she has all support. Go to Carrie Lake dot com support this lady that's KA Carrie Lake dot com. Follow her on all social media platforms. So let's talk about your vision. It's scary. You look at what's happening in California, all the people who are escaping, bringing their politics with them. People are saying that areas are not going to say blue because the only color for the Democrats is deep socialist red. So what talk to us about the dangers of a Democrat takeover in Arizona? How you're going to stop it and what your vision is for that great, great state, Cary. It is scary because we have seen so many people. I guess they're living in exile. They've left California because leftist policies over the last several decades have driven California, turned it into a hellscape to be honest. There's homeless encampments everywhere. The taxes are sky high. People are still being forced to mask up. It's horrible. So they're leaving in droves coming to Arizona looking for a free state. The problem is, we want to remain Arizona. We love our western heritage, our wild west heritage our native heritage and what makes us special. We don't want to morph into a big suburb of California. And we don't want the leftist policies that turned to California into the hellscape that it is seeping into Arizona. And we're starting to see that happen. So people are now rising up realizing it's happening quickly. California are coming over here, driving our housing prices up. And we don't want that. We are a welcoming people in Arizona, but please come here and respect the fact that we are a western state. We love our freedom. We love our Second Amendment. We love everything that makes this country free and don't try to change us into the California or the Oregon or the Washington blue state that you just left. I don't believe we are a purple state or a blue state, Seb. I think we are a Republican state. A conservative state, where the state of Barry Goldwater. But when you have a shoddy shady election with mail in ballots poured in in the middle of the night, you're going to try to convince the public that you're a purple state or a blue state. And I don't believe we are. If you look at what's happening with our forensic audit. And if you look at what's happening with some of the information that's just coming out of even pima county where in the middle of the night, really, once they realize that Trump was doing so well, we started to see an exorbitant number of mail in ballots pouring in. And some precincts more than a 100%. So basically more mail in ballots coming in that were sent out. We need to get to the bottom of this election. And I would say the same thing. I wouldn't want an election if my candidate won that was one in this matter, because right now, the way this election was run, it is it can hurt this entire country. If we don't have fair elections, we've got to make sure we've got a fair election as secure election. And we should be auditing our elections regularly all over all 50 states. And what do you say to those who citizens of various zone who say my individual role doesn't really make a difference I can't stop the inexorable creep of the Democrats into this state. What is your response to them, carry? It does make a difference. Look at how we came about getting our forensic audit. It was regular everyday people who stood up. They held rallies. They would not shut up about the election. Nor should they have. And they worked day and night trying to convince their lawmakers to do the right thing and at least look into this election. There were so many irregularities. And improbabilities, impossibilities that they finally got that. So that proves that we the people do have the voice. This government is of the people and for the people. And we're seeing everyday people stand up now and stand up to their school boards about these mask mandates. We are seeing everyday people walk away from their job rather than see the government force them to get a vaccine that they're not comfortable with. So we have the power. And I'm seeing it every day when I'm out. I'm so hopeful by where this country is going. I know we're in dark times and with Joe Biden at the helm. We are we are moving into very choppy waters to say the least. Yeah. But we the people are stepping up. I see it everywhere. People are off the sidelines. They're in the game and they will not give up this country without a fight. Every and we have a lot about we have a lot of other issues here in Arizona, but if we don't get our elections sorted out and make sure they're secure and safe, we can't get to the issues of cleaning up our education and making sure that we're educating our kids properly. So they're ready for the real world. And we can't get into tax policy water policy unless we have a secure election that is true. Yeah, Arizona is a battleground state for so many reasons. We've got to turn the tide. We've got to take America back. Support this lady follow this lady go to her website, carry with a K, carry Lake dot com and follow her at Carrie Lake, God bless you, we need more like her citizens, not politicians. 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