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Pivot to do the right thing. And to build for who and what matter most. Community. Built for America built Ford proud. That winter storm in the middle part of the country starts to expand. Now, on Wednesday, we'll continue to see some snowfall from Michigan all around the Great Lakes down into the lower plains to the east of that, though it's just gonna be some heavy rain through the Ohio Valley down to the Indiana parts of southern Illinois down into Arkansas all the way down into Texas San Antonio, you're gonna see Thunderstorms and 70 degrees. Meanwhile, Oklahoma City 38 degrees with a wind a remix 39 in Chicago, The East Coast looks good cloudy skies for New England with temperatures near 40 degrees down along the mid Atlantic state. She'll be in the mid forties. The Southeast is looking good over on the West Coast sunshine in L a 67 degrees on Wednesday. You see temperatures in the fifties as you move into Northern California Pacific Northwest, you're going to see some snow in the higher elevations. But rain along the coast 47 degrees for Seattle. At your national Weather Forecast. George Brown, NBC news radio. The free I. Heart radio APP is number one for music, radio and podcasts, All in one discover a new podcast from our library of over 350,000 titles. Here's an I. Heart Radio Podcast Preview on Holly. It's Thursday. February 2nd 1922 shortly after 7 A.m.. Unusually cold morning in Los Angeles, California, But the town will heat up soon enough because the body is about to be found over the Alvarado court apartments home to some of the biggest names in Hollywood. You've probably seen some of them in the moving pictures. There's someone else of this in this exclusive.

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