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That is a powerful powerful quote. The fact that you walk in your power. That's something that many of us strive to do all our live. How did you get there? What advice would you give to people to get? Their religious born with like I got the pile up event. No absolutely not. You know, listen! I think. Walking in your power is an active choice. You have to make that choice every single day knowing your power knowing your rights being educated. And in reading, knowing those who you admire, we look up to what they had to go through. Honestly gives me my. Courage in my strengths. As I mentioned earlier, grouping Kansas grew up. You know my parents were working class. My Mom's occupation. She was a janitor. My Dad was attachment like I was daughter of essential workers, and my grandmother is well who picked cotton in Aberdeen Mississippi. She was a sharecropper and so I think rolling up, you know. In a lower class community, being black I've been able to see both sides now haven't been an artist traveling around the world. Being Rooms with folks. At just had never dreamt about or that I, dreamt about rolling up. Having seen both sides. I try whenever I can't if I'm in in in in the room with someone. Who can who can make some decisions to better the communities of marginalized folks. I'm going to say I'M GONNA. Ask and I'm going to advocate on behalf of my people and. I think that has to do with me. GROWING UP I grew up in a family, I have fifty first cousins, so if you been yes, a built in community and we took care of each other, we were babysitting your washing dishes and my auntie had to work I. was there watching her kids? We stay with Lake I grew up with taking care of your community and I just try to use my power to do that. Not Everybody has to do that and that's not. Everybody's calling I didn't know that was my calling, but as soon as I got in those places I was like. Like. I want all of my family to experience. This I want to get rid of those lines of division of Oh..

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