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Dark when now I always see all the dolls what's the matter with you Mr three three hours sleep a long walk or just what I need any messages I'm sorry hello there hello our I've been looking boy everywhere around some of the folks here thanks Mister Brian I would kind like get acquainted why sure be sociable the old lady in a wheelchair sorry this is gonna be a glad new year two legs paralyzed for soul always sits in its of commander husband well hello hello apple zero Irishman feel good here only one of you know and this sweet soul Mister Godfrey is Mrs Garvey he was my lucky and I'm all tied up in your small of what when you can't work you compensate by keeping the hand over of the I was very concerned are you make me feel at home here Mrs Garvey and Mr got in surprises strong young man like you in the army you have to keep the misty got three will be in great well no harm done yeah I'm an engineer and they defend me there is I'm doing my share as isn't suppose now I'm a promoter myself he and Daddy hold out your hand if I don't make a llama wool slip and I'm not in the army because I'm too old to the advantage of the over thirty eight law I'm fifty nine the card is making here is just what is a promoter miss together from Danny knows anything you know it's almost at the end yeah exactly shop why did the RFLP has worn or killed a man yeah yes and recover well now so you're an engineer Mister nursery and an engineer find boil I remember him he wanted via Bali anybody I know Rome soda and try to get him to come up here was working on an experiment that was very much interested in wouldn't open as women there now bring your hands together that's a good bye sign Daddy had such big strong hand yeah they are so yeah borders dead now meant with an accident I think what did you say his name was allied Lockwood is not going here had a collaborator I've been trying to locate the and I could really have a long talk they were the way got three and a scene that burned the unsociable one we came up on the train with no I haven't he's probably a big business man seems a nervous it doesn't pay be sociable business can always wait definitely when I see how little you fellows get out alive I thank heavens I've sent St time so how long have you been a tide Mister Brian we for years in June new and business has cell no no I was a professional ma'am I say medicine no detective I was with the FBI.

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