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Used to be in the administration of a president of the United States. Think about this. Say Goya Foods has been a staple of so many Latino households for generations. Now their CEO Bob and Inoue is praising a president who villainize is and maliciously attacks. Latinos. For political gain. Americans should think twice before buying the products. Hashtag go away or something, And there's been this this call to boycott Goya. First of all, it's it's factually untrue. The president has not villainized, normal ish ly miss maliciously attacked Latinos that is patently untrue. And Julian Castro is is a leftist. And a progressive, but he's not stupid. He knows what he said, wasn't true. And then IOC who's just You know, she's an economic expert. I love you. I love you heard She thinks of the unemployment rate is somehow affected by people having two jobs. This is the expert we're talking about here economically. Oh, look, It's the sound of me Googling how to make your own adobo. Like she's going to stop people from buying Goya. Of course, the headline on Twitter. For an entire day and 1/2. Was many customers boycott Goya over praise of President Trump. Of course, the headline could have been on Twitter. Many customers decide to buy more Goyer products because of the praise. Of the CEO for the president of the United States, But they didn't decide to go That way. They decided to make fake news out of it and act like somebody was with somehow. Boycotting and hating. Was CEO. Thankfully. Says, Uh Does. The left is trying to make him apologize for saying We've got a builder as a president. We pray for him. We're lucky to have him. That's what he said. And they're trying to cancel him. The fake news will lie about what's being said. To try to get it done. As I said, and a new way is Spanish. His great grandfather immigrated here. That's great, Randall that you you know, like his father's father's father. Came in from Spain. He is Hispanic. There's some confusion about Hispanic vs Latino and I get it. There is confusion there. I'm going to try to help. The term Hispanic comes from his spaniel. That is the Latin word for Spain. Hispanic come from his spaniel. In Spanish. The word for Spain is Espana. Spain is The origin. Of people who.

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