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Support an amendment. That makes that right dependent on someone's democratic fundraiser yesterday in Atlanta, the twenty twenty presidential candidate and former. Vice president says a shift position which comes following two days of criticism by people in his own party is about healthcare, not politics. I can't justify leaving millions of women without access to the care. They need Matt small Washington University of Alabama returning, a multi-million dollar donation now, from a man who made public remarks on the state's hardline abortion, lots its comes after the donor Hugh Culverhouse junior called on students at the school to boycott the boycott the university in response to the new state law that bans abortions in almost every case, Florida's real estate investor said last week, he did not want anyone to go to the university of Alabama law school, especially women till the state, quote gets its act together after those remarks university returned to more than twenty million dollars that Culverhouse had already donated and is now considering removing his name from the law school twelve away. It's lunch time. Let's take a look at how things are moving on Wall Street and other business news with Tracy jonky. Hi, tracey. Hi there. Nicole is one of those bad news is good kind of days on Wall Street, the US. Economy, added a disappointing. Seventy five thousand jobs in may and the Labor Department subtracting seventy five thousand jobs from the March and April reports what Wall Street season. This is a greater likelihood for a fed interest rate cut in the near future. And the Dow is up two hundred fifty eight points. Nasdaq is up one hundred twenty the SMP's up thirty beyond meets forecasts is beyond good. The stock is surging thirty four percent after the vegan burger maker said it sales would top two hundred ten million dollars this year, that's more than twice its revenue last year. I'm Tracy jonky. Bloomberg business on WBZ Boston's NewsRadio, thanks Tracy will sports next, and then traffic after that keep in mind already seeing delays south of town making your way toward the Cape three southbound all jammed up the expressway filling in if you're heading out for a weekend maybe leaving a bit early. That's okay. You wanna stick around WBZ after you get out of the car, be sure if your lake house, or your beach house has a smart speaker to pull us up there. It's very easy to do just say play w. ABC News Radio on iheartradio. Floor. You think you get a fresh enough this place? You say carpeting than you think again, but not just any corporate, and we need beautiful Zeina carpeting names like lease Bigalow, then you.

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